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Wireless Technology Map The wireless communications technology map covers all major wireless technologies: Wireless LAN (WLAN), WiMAX for metropolitan area networking (WMAN), Bluetooth, ZigBee and UWB for personal area networking (WPAN) and mobile wireless technologies (WWAN) from 1G to 3G. A comprehensive wireless communications technology guide for network and telecom professionals. An easy to use training reference for telecom and wireless technology students to...
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Wi-Fi Quick Guide WLAN/Wi-Fi technology quick guide covers all major WLAN/Wi-Fi technologies: Wi-Fi architecture, protocols and standards, worldwide frequency bands and channels, security problems and solutions. In this quick guide, a table and chart is included to compare the main characters of Wi-Fi with other wireless technologies. Also, a WLAN/Wi-Fi glossary and dictonary is included for your quick reference. A comprehensive WLAN/Wi-Fi technology guide for...

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Software Terms: Network Monitoring, Network Packet Analysis, Network Protocol, Network Sniffer, Packet Analyzer, Packet Sniffer, Packet Sniffing, Protocol Decode, Protocol Poster
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IEEE Standards Wireless Dictionary In the IEEE Standards Wireless Dictionary iPhone application, the first IEEE Standard iPhone application, professional experts and students alike will gain an in-depth understanding and appreciation for the breadth of coverage of IEEE wireless standards terms and definitionsnot found in any other single source. There are over 3,200 terms and definitions with complete source citations on this application. You will be able to search for...