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Sql Express Import Csv File

Size: 280.0 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$26
Category: Misc. Applications
McXtract McXtract is a program which allows to extract fields from a text file, and to prepare the import of a text file to a worksheet or a database. A dBase-compliant file can be generated if wanted. It can be very useful when have to repeat this operation evenly, because the fields definition used to prepare the extraction can be saved into a file, and therefore be recalled as wanted.
Size: 499.0 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$13.75 | Category: Misc. Tools
E-mail Extractor E-mail Extractor is a tool that lets you easily collect e-mail addresses from ASCII files (HTML, ASC, INI, TXT, CSV etc.), from Windows clipboard, MS Outlook Express folders and other file types. It comes with an easy-to-use interface and scans whole hard drives and directory trees, in which duplicate addresses are filtered out. Lists and selected addresses can be copied, deleted, searched, merged, and saved in plaintext files.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Address, Bulk, Clipboard, Collect, E-mail, Email, Extract, Outlook Express
Size: 7.0 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Anti-Virus Scanners
AVirCAP Automated CODERED & NIMDA wormtype detection / track and Trace utility. Its a utility that passibly monitors for CODERED and NIMDA typ of attacks. The system feature reports as On-Screen, File, Email, SQL or FTP uploaded CSV's. Offending hosts can be further investigated by additional reporting tools. The features makes it suitable to cluster the system together with ofther AVIRCAP machines on the network in order to cover multi subnets.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Antivirus, Apache, Codered, Nimda, Php, Scanner, Sniffer, Snort, Web Development
Size: 728.0 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$15 | Category: Misc. Utilities
WinDirLister Tool to save folder contents, Find results or folder structures in printable form as text or csv file. You can list all folders or only those containing specific files. For specifying file names wild cards like * and ? are permitted. You can also list the structure of a disk. Needed when you want to get full control over your PC. Shareware, 15 Euro or USD.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Explorer, File Management, Print, Print Directory, Print Folder, Print Folder Contents, Shareware, Tool, Utility, Windirlister
Size: 1.8 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$28 | Category: Misc. Applications
GenPageCbplus This Softwares permits to print EAN 13 barcodes on differents type of labels page (the default types are AVERY format). It permits to use criterias when printing. It has an import function that permits to import the datas from csv file.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Barcode, Barcodes, Barcodes Labels Printing, Barcodes Printing, Ean13 Barcodes, Labels Barcodes, Print Barcodes, Print Ean13, Print Ean13 Labels
Size: 831.0 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$145 | Category: Java
HXTT Text JDBC and CSV JDBC Drivers Pure Java Type 4 Text JDBC and CSV JDBC (1.2, 2.0, 3.0) driver packages for raw data, flat text , CSV file, TSV file, fixed-length, and variable-length binary file, supports transaction, embedded access, and remote access. It is backward compliant to the Microsoft ODBC text driver, and supports loading ODBC schema file for table definition. It supports all transactions level of READ UNCOMMITTED,READ COMMITTED, REPEATABLE READ, and...

OS: Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac
Software Terms: Csv Jdbc, Jdbc Driver, Jdbc Drivers, Pure Java, Text Jdbc, Type 4
Size: 3.9 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$79 | Category: Databases
Express Agent Express Agent lets you schedule and execute jobs and backups for SQL Express. Schedule other events for SQL Express. Full event logging and email notification. Can add, edit, delete, monitor and schedule jobs on multiple servers. Can export jobs to file and import jobs from a file, this is good for shipping jobs to a client site. Wizard for creating a regular database backup job.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Backup, Job, Msde, Schedule, Server, Sql Express
Size: 944.0 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$49.95 | Category: Site Management CSV2SQL CSV to SQL converter. Convert CSV files to SQL insert statements. CSV 2 SQL is a csv file to sql insert statement converter. Use it to convert your access comma separated files into database insert statements. Simply provide an input file, some field names and an output file name. CSV 2 SQL will...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Comma, Convert, Csv, Csv To Sql, Download, File, Separated, Sql
Size: 1.1 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$69.9 | Category: ActiveX
Outlook Express ActiveX OCX SDK Browse all the folders of Outlook Express. Extract attachments from Outlook Express message. Export Outlook Express Message to eml file format. View Message in Outlook Express window. Get number of Attachment of each Outlook Express Message. Rename / Move / Delete / Create a folder. Get Message State / Display From / Subject /Received Date. Delete / Copy / Move / Create message. Messages in the specify folder. Add all Contacts to window...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Add Contacts Automatically, Email, Outlook Express Activex, Remove Duplicate Email, Sdk, Window Address Book
Size: 711.0 KB | License: Freeware | Category: Misc. Utilities
PAD XML Information Retrieval Tool PAD xml information extractor tool works more suitably and user friendly way with brilliant GUI support for webmasters and users. Freeware utility pack of all vital features for retrieval of information from PAD xml files to save in .CSV file format Freeware PAD (Portable Application Description) XML information retrieval tool is a web promotion product supportive for users as well as webmasters for fetching the information like Company Name, Company Website URL, Download URL, Application XML...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: .csv File, Application, Archive, Asp, Company, Data, Download, Extract, Extractor, Fetch
Size: 2.7 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$49.95 | Category: Databases
OraCmd OraCmd is a command-line tool for Oracle that can run sql command, import/export data. Main features: 1.Execute sql command. 2.Run sql script. 3.Load/unload data from/to file. 5.Schedule and execute DB tasks. 6.Display fetch result vertically. OraCmd is a command-line tool for Oracle that can run sql command, import/export data, even without Oracle client. Main features: 1. Connect to Oracle without installing Oracle client software. 2. Execute sql command. 3. Run sql script...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Oracle Batch, Oracle Command Line, Oracle Export, Oracle Import, Oracle Import Export Tool, Oracle Sql Command
Size: 33.5 MB | License: Demo | Price: US$49 | Category: Log Analyzers
SyslogIT SyslogIT by Pointesoft monitors 'LIVE' syslog uses MySQL or MSSQL database, print, archive and search all syslog activity. Import existing syslog files quickly. Real-Time syslog monitoring. Features: Use MSSQL or MySQL database Import existing syslog files quickly. Real-Time syslog monitoring. Color Pie Chart printing. Internal and External network monitoring. Excel Reports delivered by scheduled email. SQL database...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Mysql, Sql 2005, Sql Express, Syslog, Syslog Monitor, Syslog Reporting, Syslog Server
Size: 35.8 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$1095 | Category: Misc. Applications
File by OCR File by OCR automatically names files and places them in a file folder structure based on the document's OCR text contents. It can extract text from a searchable PDF and name and file it, or it can extract the OCR text and build a csv file. File by OCR uses Optical Character Recognition on the entire document and then parses the data contents, allowing the user to easily capture and extract data from multi-page documents and documents of...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Extract Pdf Text, Extract Scanned Text, File By Text Contents, Ocr, Tif
Size: 4.8 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$59.95 | Category: Databases
TxtToSql TxtToSql - Import CSV (TSV,TXT) to SQL Server easy and quickly. Main features: 1. Automatic match tables and fields. 2. Batch import multiple files at one time. 3. Save configuration and run repeatedly, command line, scheduled task. TxtToSql - Import CSV (TSV,TXT) to SQL Server easy and quickly. TxtToSql is a tool to import data from CSV (TSV,TXT) file to SQL Server. Main features: 1. Automatic match tables and fields. 2. Batch import multiple...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Import Csv To Sql Server, Import Tsv To Sql Server, Import Txt To Sql Server, Sql Server Import Csv, Sql Server Import Text, Sql Server Import Tsv, Sql Server Load Csv, Sql Server Load Text
Size: 4.6 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$45 | Category: Databases
CsvToAccess CsvToAccess - Import CSV (TSV,TXT) to Access easy and quickly. Main features: 1. Automatic match tables and fields. 2. Batch import multiple files at one time. 3. Save configuration and run repeatedly, command line, scheduled task. CsvToAccess - Import CSV (TSV,TXT) to Access easy and quickly. CsvToAccess is a tool to import data from CSV (TSV,TXT) file to Access. Main features: 1. Automatic match tables and fields. 2. Batch import multiple files...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Access Import Csv, Access Import Text, Access Import Tsv, Access Load Csv, Access Load Text, Import Csv To Access, Import Tsv To Access, Import Txt To Access