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Superlatives Superlatives® Personal Economic ModelingTM (PEM) Services and Superlatives® Planning Program (SPP) are tools for individuals and couples to do lifetime strategic retirement/financial plans, including children college costs and other needs; by strategic we mean the focus is on yearly expenses and incomes, not detailed monthly budgets nor personal private information data like assets lists. PEM services include documents, advisories, statistical...
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Value Trend Indicator Comprehensive personal financial program that provides calculations, projections, graphs for; Saving, Investing, Retirement, Mortgages, Stocks, 401(k)Plans, Mutual Funds. Compare and determine the value of company share prices and recognize growth stocks/mutual funds in advance of the market. A database management system records, tracks individual stocks, mutual funds and all popular stock market indices such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average

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Software Terms: 401 K, Funds, Indices, Investment, Mortgages, Retirement, Savings, Stocks
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Financial Advisor An extensive and easy to use collection of financial tools and calculators aimed at both home and professional users. Features include: Mortgage Analysis, Retirement Analysis, Personal Budgeting, Investment, Savings & Annuity calculations, Future & Residual Value calculations, Planning for your children's education, Interest rate conversions, Inflation calculations and more. It even includes a lottery ticket generator (for when all else fails).

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Software Terms: Annuity, Budget, Budgeting, Calculations, Calculators, Finance, Financial Calculations, Future Value, Inflation, Interest Rates
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Fincalc "FINCALC 6.0" is designed to handle financial calculations related to investments and lending. The program acts like a loan calculator doing amortization schedules for several types of insurance, miscellaneous fees and charges, and real estate taxes. The investment portion of the program tracks stocks and mutual funds and provides up-to-date yield and profitiability information. Calculations for annuities and retirement planning are possible.

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Software Terms: Amortizations, Banking, Business Applications, Finance, Financial Calculations, Financial Calculator, Investments, Loan Calculator, Loans, Mortgage
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Investors Toolbox Investors Toolbox - A comprehensive personal financial program that provides calculations, projections and graphs for: Saving, Investing, Retirement, Net Worth, Mortgages, Loans, Stocks, 401(k)Plans, Mutual Funds. A database management system records all transactions, tracks and graphs investment performance. Covers all stages of a persons financial life. Excellent On-Line Help guides you through each program feature.

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Software Terms: Funds, Investment, Mortgages, Pensions, Retirement, Saving
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Investment Analysis Software Easily analyze the performance of any investment by applying basic input variables to build an investment analysis. Analysis generates equivalent current year values allowing comparisons between different investments and identifies investment performance spikes or dips providing a tool to maximize overall return. You can also determine current and future net worth and income streams to make informed investment and retirement planning decisions.

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Software Terms: Analysis, Analyze, Forecast, Investment, Investment Analysis, Investment Analysis Software, Investment Performance, Investment Plan, Investment Planning, Investment Review
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Retirement Savings Planner The easiest, fastest way to plan your Retirement Savings strategy. Are you saving enough for retirement? Retirement Planner will tell you the answer. The intuitive one screen design will help you develop a savings strategy to reach your retirement income goals. As seen in Barron's, PC Computing, and PC World, this popular Retirement Planner was rated 5 stars by ZDNet (their highest rating) and highly rated by AAII. Continually updated since 1995.

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Software Terms: 401 K, 401k, 401k Plan, 403b, Asset Allocation, Defined Benefit Plan, Defined Contribution Plan, Invest, Investing, Ira
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J and L Retirement Planner The top rated J and L Retirement Planner is tool that allows you to create simple or complex retirement scenarios based on financial events through out your life. You create the scenario based on your current financial status and future financial events. The J and L Retirement Planner executes your scenario and displays the effects on your net worth through out a selected time span. The program includes many financial calculators.

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Software Terms: Financial, Financial Planner, Plan, Planner, Retire, Retirement, Retirement Planner, Rmd, Rule 72t
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Retirement Workbook - Basic Computes employer matches from salary and contribution. Two computational tiers are available. Data is presented through monthly report sheets and a summary sheet. Ten to fifty employees can be displayed in the report sheets. Repeated data is entered through the Setup sheet. The matches are computed using a percentage of the employee contribution capped at a percentage of the employee salary. Two tiers of matching computation are available

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Software Terms: 401 K, Employee Contribution, Employer Match, Ira, Retirement
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NSFinCalculatorsXP A program aimed at the home user to help solve financial problems with the use of more than 70 types of calculators and advisors. Calculate and compare loans and mortgages, how much loan you can afford, do retirement planning and analysis, future education planning, saving and goal planning. These are to name but a few..

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Software Terms: Balloon, Buy, Depreciation, Education, Goal, Interest, Loan, Million, Mortgage, Prepay
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Visual Hindsight Professional Edition Visual Hindsight is professional-grade network camera surveillance and recording software for commercial or private use. Perfect for remote monitoring of convenience stores, gas stations, day care centers, retirement facilities, hospitals, laboratories, commercial property, private homes, and more. Monitor your home or business over the Internet with Visual Hindsight—powerful, simple to use, affordable to own.

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Software Terms: Home Monitoring, Internet Surveillance Software, Ip Camera So, Network Camera Software, Ptz Camera, Surveillance Software, Video Surveillance Software
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Money Decoder Money Decoder will organize, calculate, teach, guide & motivate you. It saves you time, simplifies & clarifies all your money matters while increasing your confidence & effectiveness. Place yourself in complete control of your financial future! Money Decoder is your financial organizer, teacher, guide, motivator, and calculator. Be minutes from complete financial organization, elimination of files, boxes, statements, policies and documents. Free 15-20 minute profile permanently places...

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Software Terms: Budget, College, Complete Financial Management, Consumer Finances, Financial Calculator, Financial Management, Financial Organization, Financial Software, Insurance, Money Management
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099-R A Form 1099-R is generally used to report designated distributions of $10 or more from pensions, annuities, profit-sharing and retirement plans, IRAs, and insurance contracts. All data needed to fill 1099-R form can be saved for later use and modification. Print unlimited number of 1099-R Forms. Software automates preparation and printing of 1099-R. Detach and insert Copy A of an IRS form into your printer and the software will print your data...

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Software Terms: 1099 Form, 1099 Forms, 1099 Reporting, 1099 Reporting Software, 1099 Software, 1099 Tax Form Software, 1099 Tax Software, Federal Tax Form 1099, Information Returns, Irs 1099 Forms
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Retirement Investment Required+ RETIREMENT INVESTMENT REQUIRED This program is a program that will show you how much you need to invest monthly to reach retirement goals. RETIREMENT INVESTMENT REQUIRED This program is a program that will show you how much you need to invest monthly to reach retirement goals. Have you called the Social Security Hotline (1-800-772-1213) to verify your estimated monthly SS benefit so...

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Software Terms: Added, Additional, Assist, Author Of Retirement Investment Required 1 2, Benefit, Calculate, Capital, Condition, Deposits, Financial
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Simple Home Money Management 2008 Simple Home Money Management 2008 will help you to closely monitor and control your spending habits, and accounts such as retirement, credit cards, bill payments and much more. Provides a huge number of income and outgoing categories so you can see where your money goes. Simple Home Money Management is simple but clever enough not only for the home but also small business. You can download your bank statements via QIF v7 format and it...

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Software Terms: Bank, Budget Software, Budgeting Software, Card, Credit, Finance, Investment, Management, Money, Money In The Bank