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Size: 2.0 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$10.95
Category: Misc. Internet Tools
WeatherScanPro Enhanced program that monitors National Weather Service "Watches and Warnings" webpage. Allows you to track changes in weather across the continental U.S. and also open a webpage with a clickable map that lets you zoom in on specific areas. WeatherScan automatically refreshes the map approximately every 60 seconds. It provides quick access to a variety of weather information types plus emergency information pages.
Size: 3.4 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Commerce
Open and Save Dialogs Toolkit Open and Save dialogs toolkit allows you to open 50 graphics file types and save to 21 graphics file types from your application. Just few lines of code are needed to make it working. Dialogs use HBITMAP handle as input and output and even novice developer can learn how to work with it. We provide a free license for noncommercial use without any limitations in functionality. Commercial usage require licensing.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Bitmap, Development, Dialog, Dll, Files, Format, Free, Graphics, Handle, Hbitmap
Size: 4.7 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Customized Browsers
LSN Open Source Browser LSN Open Source Browser is what is says on the tin. it is powered by IE. It was build in VB6 and the code is available on the web site for it. The code is distributed via the GPL Licence agreement. If you would like to join in the development of LSN Open Source Browser please visit the website and download the code.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Based, Browser, Ie, On, Open, Source, Web
Size: 647.0 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$24 | Category: Misc. Internet Tools
Popup Silencer II Popup Silencer II is a software to make your Internet browsing faster by blocking popups and popThe situation is well known: you try to open a webpage and 5 more pages open at the same time. This makes you Internet speed 5 times slower. Popup Silencer II is a utility to make your Web browsing more enjoyable by eliminating the distracting popups.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Blocker, Clean, Clear, Delete, Erase, Fast, Faster, Internet, Kill, Killer
Size: 944.0 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$19.95 | Category: Site Management
Atomic WebPage Size Calculator Atomic WebPage Size Calculator is a Webpage size and download speed calculator. Use it to ensure that visitors to your website are not waiting too long to download your pages. If they are, then they are most likely leaving before they read anything or buy anything from your site. Use it to calculate the size of your webpages and report on the download times that it will take to download your site on various connection speeds. Reports on...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Calculator, Download, Gif, Html, Jpg, Page, Site, Software, Speed, Webmaster
Size: 23.7 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$699 | Category: Perl
PG Dating Pro Open Open Dating script for Dating and Networking Business. New User area design with user-friendly web-based Admin area. Script features Multilingual interface, Quick, Key word and Advanced searches, Flash/Video IM and Chat, Shoutbox, Crop Tool and more. Dating Pro Open source is a way to go if you wish to start your own professional Dating, Networking or Personals site. If you know PHP and MySQl or have a developer at hand you'll be able to edit the code and make any features you need for your...

OS: Windows, Linux, Unix
Software Terms: Dating Design Site Web, Dating Php, Dating Php Service Software, Dating Script, Dating Site Software, Dating Software, Dating Templates, Dating Web Site Software, Online Dating, Open Dating Management Script Software
Size: 1.6 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$29.95 | Category: Toolbars & Launchers
KeyManager KeyManager allows you to assign the following actions to regular or long presses of keys or key combinations: show a menu with actions; paste text; open files, programs or sites; press and block keys; manage windows, your computer's power and more. KeyManager gives your keyboard a new life and allows you to save lots of time and effort. Thanks to its flexible interface, you can create various actions and assign keys and key combinations to them. Additionally, you can represent them in the...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Accelerator, Action, Automate, Block, Combination, Control, Copy, Desktop, Email, Fast
Size: 1.5 MB | License: Demo | Price: US$575 | Category: Database
Image Open Save Dialog Image Open Save Dialog is a powerful development tool that allows loading and saving images in software you are developing very qiuckly and easily. Image Open Save Dialog is a powerful development tool that allows loading and saving images in software you are developing very qiuckly and easily.Thanks to Image Open Save Dialog, you don't have to learn specific features of graphics formats, the...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: C# Component, C++ Dll, Development, Dicom, Graphics, Image Development, Image Open Save Dialog, Ocx Image Control, Open Image, Raw Support
Size: 624.0 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$29 | Category: Disk Cleaners
Open Office Document Recovery SysTools Open Office Writer Recovery is data recovery software for OpenOffice Writer documents files. ODT file recovery software recover Open Office files data (text, images, bullets, embedded images, tables etc) from corrupt Writer (.ODT) files. Are you searching a tool to repair your corrupt or damaged Open Office documents files? Now you can take relief for searching your concern with SysTools Open Office Writer Recovery Software. OpenOffice document files data (text, notes, images,...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Fix Open Office, Odt File Recovery, Odt File Repair, Odt Recovery, Odt To Rtf, Open Office Document, Open Office File, Recover, Recover Odt File, Repair Odt Files
Size: 430.1 KB | License: Freeware | Category: Browsers
AVIM AVIM allows you to type Vietnamese text into any application or webpage textbox using a standard keyboard. AVIM allows you to type Vietnamese text into any application or webpage textbox using a standard keyboard. Diacritical marks are entered using any of four input methods: Telex, VNI, VIQR, or VIQR*. A compact status bar panel, menu, and keyboard...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Better Internet, Bugzilla, Calendar, Camino, Email Client, Firefox, Foxfire, Lightning, Mozilla, Open Web
Size: 215.0 KB | License: Freeware | Category: Utilities
Customize Open & Save Dialogs The Customize Open & Save Dialogs application was designed to be a small program that redefines five folders on the left panel of the dialog.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Free, Freeware, Gentee, Language, Open, Programming, Source
Size: 41.0 KB | License: Freeware | Category: Misc. Utilities
My Timer My Timer is a small program that enables you to create countdown timers. My Timer is a small program that enables you to create countdown timers. My Timer runs on your system tray. When the countdown reaches 0, you can choose to: - get notified with a message box - get notified with MP3 audio - shutdown/restart...

OS: Windows
Size: 24.4 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Food & Beverage
Open Cellar Home Edition Open Cellar Home is a complete and free wine cellar manager for Windows (98, 2000, XP et Vista). Open Cellar Home is a complete and free wine cellar manager for Windows (98, 2000, XP et Vista). It proposes an intuitive and carefully produced design, a visual location management, complete wines data sheets from purchase/consumption management...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Alcool, Cave, Cave A Vin, Cave A Vins, Gestion Cave, Gestion Cave A Vin, Gestion Gratuit Cave, Livre De Cave, Logiciel, Logiciel Cave
Size: 194.6 KB | License: Freeware | Category: Miscellaneous
Open Elms Open Elms is a complete e-learning solution. Open Elms is a complete e-learning solution. The Learning Content Management System is highly focussed approach to what business needs in an e-learning system. As such the system a) works straight out of the box b) is easy to use c) has great...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Business, Content Management System, Corporate, E-learning, Free E-learning Development, Open Elms, Open Source E-learning, Open Source Learning Management System, Scorm Learning Management System
Size: 4.8 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Internet Phones
Open Mobile Open Mobile is a modular, open source, easy to use, mobile computing front end. Open Mobile is a modular, open source, easy to use, mobile computing front end. The framework is designed to be fully modular plugins on a shared framework and rendering engine, fully skinnable, designed for a 5-7" screen with large buttons that...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Community, Development, Downloads, Free Software, Open Source, Open Source Software, Secure, Source Code