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Size: 1.7 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$25
Category: Database
blueshell Data Guy The blueshell Data Guy is an ADO-based editor for virtually all types of databases. This program supports Jet (Access and ISAMs like dBase, Paradox etc.), Oracle and SQL server. Additionally you can use other OLEDB or ODBC providers. All connections, schemas, table types and tables are shown using a tree view. Enjoy the magic of connectivity using Cut and Paste or Drag and Drop with applications like Word or Excel.
Size: 1.8 MB | License: Demo | Price: US$4.99 | Category: Games
Jetpack Dinosaur Easy to learn, difficult to master Original music Addictive fun Retro fun! Control the titular Dinosaur as he pilots his titular Jet Pack around the non-titular sky, collecting biscuits and dogfighting with mad professors, who probably want to dissect him or something. Collect the full quota of biscuits before the time limit is up or poor Dinosaur has to work overtime. Why? I don't know and I thought it best not to ask. Classic shoot-emup.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Action, Arcade, Basic, Binary, Blitz, Dinosaur, Download, Free, Fun, Game
Size: 5.7 MB | License: Demo | Price: US$4.99 | Category: Games
Balziel & Doug Easy to learn, difficult to master Web high scores Extremely Addictive Gameplay Retro fun! Choice of characters Exciting twist on a classic game genre Control either Balziel or Doug in a classic old school platform game in the style of Jet Set Willy or Fire & Ice. Run, jump, avoid the villains, pick up various fruit and stuff and then head for the exit, it's a classic formula but with one key difference...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Action, Balzeil, Balziel, Binary, Classic, Cute, Doug, Download, Fire, Free
Size: 616.0 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$19.95 | Category: Utilities and Plug-ins
Jet Storage UDF Need a mobile hard drive for the price of a CD/DVD disk? This program installs a driver that allows you to write files to CDs and DVDs directly, without any burning software, just as you normally write files to your hard drive. Need a mobile hard drive for the price of a re-writable CD/DVD disk? This is it! This small program installs a driver that allows you to access re-writable disks directly, without any burning software, exactly as you normally access your hard...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: -r, -rw, Burn, Burning, Cd, Data, Download, Dvd, Formatting, Jet Storage Udf
Size: 2.0 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$16.95 | Category: Simulation Games
Jet Ducks (Palm OS) Jet Ducks for Palm from Absolutist will definitely not leave you indifferent! We managed to sneak the rules of the hunt - check out your enemies' characters, scoring system, game modes and controls. There are four types of ducks in Jet Duck Air Force - Interceptors-privates, Supersonic Fighters, Destroyers-commandos, and Aero Aces. For shooting down the duck pilots you should come up with wining strategies for each duck character! Try it now!

OS: Palm
Software Terms: Arcade, Awards, Cartoon, Contest, Cool, Destroyers, Download, Duck Hunt, Ducks, Free
Size: 56.0 MB | License: Demo | Price: US$240 | Category: Java
Excelsior JET for Windows Excelsior JET is a complete solution for acceleration, protection and deployment of your Java(tm) applications, certified Java Compatible on a number of Microsoft Windows and Linux (IA-32) platforms. Excelsior JET is a complete solution for acceleration, protection and deployment of your Java(tm) applications. Excelsior JET Optimizer converts your application's classes and jars into highly optimized Intel x86 code and creates a native...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Accelerate, Ahead-of-time, Compiler, Deploy, Dll, Exe, Install, Java, Jvm, Native
Size: 10.9 MB | License: Demo | Price: US$750 | Category: Java
Excelsior JET for Linux Excelsior JET is a Java VM enhanced with Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) compilation. It transforms your classes and jars into high-performance Linux executables for the Intel x86 platform. VM components responsible for Java memory management, threading, synchronization, security, etc., are redistributed as a shared library. Among them is a JIT compiler that takes care of classes which could not be precompiled. Windows version is also available.

OS: Linux
Software Terms: Ahead-of-time, Binary, Compiler, Executable, Java, Jvm, Native
Size: 2.0 MB | License: Demo | Price: US$11 | Category: Miscellaneous
Jets Over the Pyramids 3D Screensaver Ride in a jet fighter plane over the Pyramids of Egypt. Enjoy a bird's eye view as your formation of F-16 and F-14 fighter jets fly over the Giza Plateau. From your seat in the cock pit, you can see the pyramids of Kafre and Menkare just below your wing tips. Buy this 3D screensaver now to soar over these Ancient Wonders of the World and hear the engines roar.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: 3d, 3d Screensaver, Egypt, F-14, F-16, Giza, Jet, Jet Fighter, Jetfighter, Pyramid
Size: 3.2 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$19.95 | Category: Video Editors
Jet DVD Ripper Jet DVD Ripper rips DVDs to great quality AVI movies (DivX or XviD encoded) with high speed. The created movie just needs 1/5-1/10 of original DVD space, and can be played on PC, MP4 Player, Pocket PC, Smartphone or other portable devices. Jet DVD Ripper rips DVDs to great quality AVI movies (DivX or XviD encoded) with high speed. The created movie with excellent picture just needs 1/5-1/10 of original DVD space, and even smaller! You can enjoy the output AVI files on your PC, MP4...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Convert Dvd To Avi, Dvd Rip, Dvd Ripper, Dvd Ripping Software, Dvd To Divx, Dvd To Xvid
Size: 2.9 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Screen Capture Tools
Jet Screenshot A free service enabling you to share screen snaps via the net in seconds. Select and capture anything on your screen, easily add text, arrows, or effects, and share screenshot immediately online. Download now! EXCHANGE SCREEN SHOTS BY SHARING THEM ON WEB Jet Screenshot is a simple way to communicate with others visually. Want to show something graphically instead of banging out a chapter of text with wordy, unclear explanations? Use Jet Screenshot!...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Annotate, Capture, Clipboard, Communicate, Jet Screenshot, Picture, Remote Work, Screen Shot, Screen Snap, Screenshot
Size: 2.1 MB | License: Commercial | Price: US$45 | Category: Database
MDBSecure 2009 Utility which makes it easy to create secure access databases (mdb), providing encryption, follows recognised security approach SECFaq. Will import data from existing database and produce jet Connection string. What is MDBSecure? An MS Access Security utility, providing protection for your databases. MDBSecure follows the recommended approach to securing Microsoft Access databases, it will encrypt your access database and remove security weaknesses....

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Access, Admin, Connection String, Database, Encrypt, Jet, Mdb, Secure, Security
Size: 890.9 KB | License: Freeware | Category: Mathematics
CaRevol Jet The Calculator of complex numbers «CaRevol Jet», formula, allows to execute arithmetical Operations with complex numbers to calculate functions from complex arguments, and to settle an invoice difficult the formulas. Features: * Conversion of measures of corners Between degrees, radians, grad and turnovers. * Calculation as the formula. Unlimited enclosure of brackets. * Customized accuracy and digit capacity of map of an outcome of...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Carevol Jet, Css, Easy Neatly, Fourierscope, Siarion Net
Size: 2.5 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$299 | Category: Databases
c:JAM - Central Jet Accounts Manager c:JAM (Central Jet Account Manager) is a security- and user account-management tool designed to simplify and centralize workgroup administration for organizations that use MS Jet databases such as MS Access and some VB applications. Using a two-paned Explorer-style interface, c:JAM lets you organize workgroups, authorize user access and manage your various datasources. Features include drag-and-drop, context menus, automatic PID and password...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Cjam, Database, Distributed Workgroups, Ms Access, Replicated Databases, Replication, Security, Shareware, Software, Unified User Management
Size: 3.7 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$174 | Category: Business
Jet Service Desk Jet Service Desk is a high-speed HelpDesk/Service Desk system which includes following workflows: Request Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Service Asset and Configuration Management, Service-Level Management, Knowledge Management. Jet Service Desk main module corresponds to classic Windows application which takes 4-9 MB of memory and doesn't need to install additional platforms and libraries. Additional...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Change, Ci, Configuration, Configuration Item, Dashboard, Download, Help Desk, Helpdesk, Incident, Infrastructure
Size: 1.0 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Arcade Games
Jet Set Willy: Online Jet Set Willy is a classic game from the 1980's that needs no introduction for most. Jet Set Willy is a classic game from the 1980's that needs no introduction for most. Jet Set Willy: Online is a remake of the game for Windows PC's that introduces online multiplayer capabilities. Create a game and have some fun!

OS: Windows