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Green Meadows Petting Farm Elmhurst Il

Size: 1.5 MB | License: Demo | Price: US$100
Category: Web Server Tools
Wakai SessionTracker SessionTracker is a Visual Basic COM Object that is used to track web server sessions across a web farm. SessionTracker uses a combination of cookies and IIS's own Session object to easily track session values during the execution of an ASP page; a series of rows in a database is used to retrieve and store session information from page to page, server to server. The SessionTracker database is easy to install, and runs on Microsoft SQL Server....
Size: 7.7 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$19.99 | Category: Games
Funky Farm Lead a simpler, funkier life on the Funky Farm. Make money raising livestock so you can spend it at the general store. Keep your sheep safe from wild wolves by keeping them in flocks, building fences, and protecting them with a sheepdog. Fatten up your pigs so they're worth more money... but watch out! Those porkers will knock down anything or anyone in the way of their supper!

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Animal, Animals, Dog, Easy, Farm, Farming, Fast, Funky, Game, Pig
Size: 7.8 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$19.95 | Category: Puzzle Games
Joe`s Farm Joe`s Farm is a re-make of a popular game called "Sokoban". The point of the game is to place different objects in the marked positions. There is logic involved in placing the objects, and each level is going to challenge you more. You will have to think through your moves to save steps and time.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Alawar, Arcade, Classic, Entertainment, Farm, Game, Games, Joe, Socoban
Size: 2.0 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$17.95 | Category: Animals & Nature
Green Fields 3D Screensaver Fly over green fields that cover beautiful rolling hills in a distant land where no man has ever set foot. What can be better than absolutely gorgeous views of pristine nature with no signs of human intervention? The purity and freshness are amazing! This animated 3D screensaver will take you out to the endless green fields that cover beautiful rolling hills in a distant land where no man has ever set foot. What can be better than absolutely gorgeous views of pristine nature with no signs of...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: 3d, Blue, Field, Fields, Fly, Green, Nature, Screensaver, Sky
Size: 2.5 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Miscellaneous
Patricks Wallpaper Green with Luck The hat dancing and falling on the pot of gold. The rainbow on the horizon and green all around. Truly a wallpaper that says Happy St. Patricks Day. Get it now on your screen to have a cheerful looking desktop for St. Patricks Day.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Green, Happy, Horizon, Luck, Lucky Patricks Day, Rainbow, St.patricks Day Wallpaper
Size: 3.4 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Miscellaneous
Animated Rain Of Gold Screensaver The clouds are green and wish you a Happy St.Paddys Day as you enjoy a shower of gold from the heavens. Download this awesome free animated screensaver right now to feel the luck of St.Paddys day everywhere around you.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Clouds, Green, Happy, Lucky Patricks Day, Rain Of Gold, St.patricks Day Screensaver
Size: 2.1 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Miscellaneous
Which Leprechaun Patricks Wallpaper A lovely creation for your desktop for St.Paddys Day. Choose one out of five Leprechauns to go on your wallpaper with a background of green clouds moving towards you. Download this great wallpaper for a lucky St. Paddys day with the Leprechaun.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Clouds, Green, Happy, Leprechaun, Lucky Patricks Day, St.patricks Day Wallpaper
Size: 2.2 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$12.75 | Category: Art & Graphics
3D Tower Clock Our screensaver places a world of endless green meadows, blue sky and bright sun, with a lone clock tower standing between the green hills, onto your computer's desktop. We're happy to present the wonderful "3-D Tower Clock Screensaver," which will display your computer's system time in attractive 3-D form. Our screensaver places a world of endless green meadows, blue sky and bright sun, with a lone clock tower...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: 3d, Clock, Opengl, Screensaver
Size: 476.0 KB | License: Freeware | Category: Messengers
Farm Animal Sounds - MorphVOX Add-on Have fun in online chat with the Farm Animal Sounds. Add this sound effects pack to MorphVOX voice changing software and gain 11 additional barnyard effects. Broadcast a big cow moo or a squealing pig over IM. Have fun in online chat with the Farm Animal Sounds. This free sound effects pack integrates with MorphVOX Voice Changing Software and provides 11 barnyard animal sound effects to entertain and amuse your friends over voice chat. Broadcast a big...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Animals, Change, Changer, Changing, Chat, Effects, Farm, Games, Software, Sound
Size: 7.0 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$199.5 | Category: Misc. Applications
Asset Farm Asset Farm is the professional administration software for an effective asset management system. With its integrated application tools, Asset Farm provides an excellent solution for professional administrators to maintain the integrity of the system from various clients over network. Asset Farm intends to audit software and hardware components installed on computers over the network. It provides centralized administration for Windows...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Assets Tracking, Hardware Inventory, Inventory Tracking, Software And Hardware Tracking, Software Inventory, System Administration Tool
Size: 3.9 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$59 | Category: Image Editors
Recomposit Cut Out objects from its background by Recomposit. Providing chromakey and inside/outside edge matting, Recomposit can help solve the photo masking problem quick and easy. Chromakey works for blue and green screen, and in/outside masking also known as trimap mating. Recomposit support fast stroke based masking too in which you can cut out a objects by simple strokes over the drop and keep area. Recomposit provide full photo compose environment...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Blue Screen, Chromakey, Cut Out, Green Screen, Matting, Photo Mask, Photo Masking Software
Size: 1.6 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Animals & Nature
Green Mountain Screensaver Come in from the cold but still enjoy the scenery! A Beautiful Snow scene with falling snow on your screen. If you like mountains you will love this screensaver. Enjoy Green Mountain Screensaver!

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Free Nature Screensaver, Free Screensaver, Green Mountain Screensaver
Size: 2.0 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Puzzle Games
Turn on Green Test your brain power with 24 levels. By clicking on a tile all nearest elements are flipped to opposite color. Level is completed when all tiles have been painted in green colour. Make the right moves! Game features: - Game absolutely free - 24 levels - Colorful graphics - Simple rules - Game for players of all ages

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Addicting, Children, Classic, Computer, Download, Flip, Free, Fun, Game, Games
Size: 5.8 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$29.99 | Category: Miscellaneous
Green Pulse Green Pulse is an effective program which controls and reduces the energy usage of your computer without interfering with your work. It works without human intervention, so you don't have to change your habits or learn how to manage it. All you have to do is tell Green Pulse when you're usually using your computer, so it can improve the saving strategy and be more efficient. It silently monitors your activity and safely turns off your monitor...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Automatic, Carbon Dioxide, Climate Changes, Co2, Computer, Electricity, Enviornmentalism, Environment, Global Warming, Green
Size: 547.6 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$6.99 | Category: Online Games
Farmville Farm Helper You are looking at the best Farmville bot on the internet! You like Farmville, but tired of clicking? Farm Helper does it all for you! No need for a Tractor, Seeder or Harvester!You dont need fuel any more! And u can try it for FREE! Here we have FarmVille! Our favorite facebook game. It's a good game! But, u have to click over a 1000 times just to plow, harvest and seed? With a single click, Farm Helper can harvest, plow, or plant your crops. It even has the ability to...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Extreme, Facebook, Farm Helper, Harvest, Plow, Seed, Town, Ville