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Gone Fishing Marine Dixon

Size: 1.1 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$25.95
Category: Hobbies
Fishing Expert FISHING EXPERT V4.0 - A program which contains fishing techniques as well as a fishing logs. OUTDOOR LIFE recommends the program in previous issues. You select conditions you fish under and program gives 400 proven methods to catch fish. Library, Whatif analysis, recipes. Bass, walleye, crappie, musky, trout, and boat control databases with purchase. PC, Win 95/98/NT/2000, 4mg memory, Pentium.
Size: 5.0 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$19.95 | Category: Miscellaneous
Marines Screensaver The Marines Screensaver by Always Great Software, Inc. shows 37 stunning images of vehicles, equipment and weapons used by the U.S. Marine Corps. See aircraft, tanks and missiles in action. Feel the power of the few and the proud who live the vow: Semper Fi. Some images show vehicles used by both the Marines and other branches of the military. Comes with a Screen Saver Control utility which makes it easy to configure and launch any installed...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Fighters, Marines, Tank, Tanks, U.s. Marine Corps, Weapons
Size: 3.5 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$14.95 | Category: Sports
Outdoor Adventures Screensaver The avid outdoorsman will appreciate this screensaver. It shows 26 images of active people in beautiful settings climbing, hiking, boating, fishing, biking, scuba diving and more. When you can't get away, enjoy a brief escape with this screensaver. The screensaver also comes with a free Screen Saver Control that resides in the Windows system tray. This control makes it easy to configure and launch any installed screensaver.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Biking, Boating, Climbing, Diver, Divers, Diving, Fishing, Hiking, Mountains, Nature
Size: 875.0 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$19.99 | Category: Misc.
Fishing Lure Collector Pro If you collect Fishing Lures, this program is for you to keep those lures organized and much more. This program lets you record detailed information about each of your Fishing Lures, such as: Date lure was aquired, ID or PAT#, Description, Condition, Material, Lure Type, Cost, Value, Notes, Aquired from name and address info, and much more. Plus you can import a scanned pic or photo image of each lure.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Collecting Fishing Lures, Fishing Lure, Fishing Lure Collecting, Fishing Lure Software, Fishing Lures
Size: 538.0 KB | License: Demo | Price: US$29.9 | Category: Security and Encryption
Completely Gone Completely Gone provide secure and safe file deletion capability so that deleted files are irrecoverable. Moreover, multiple files can be deleted at one go. Normal files deletion does not remove files from storage devices but only remove reference in the File Allocation Table. As a result, deleted files are vulnerable to be recovered, wholly or partially, by unauthorized users. Completely Gone uses a secure algorithm to delete files...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Completely, Completely Gone, Delete, Deletion, Erase, File Shredder, Gone, Irrecoverable, Secure
Size: 8.5 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$49.95 | Category: Hobbies
FishInSight Use FishInSight Fishing log to record your catches, including details such as Sun/Moon and Tide information, equipment used and the prevailing weather conditions. This Fishing Log allows you to plot and log trips using your GPS waypoints, with reference to your favourite fishing maps. Record details such as species and number caught, GPS location, sun/moon and tide conditions and equipment used.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Angler, Bait, Catch, Download, Fish, Fishing, Fishinsight, Gps, Log, Lure
Size: 1.3 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$17.75 | Category: Games
Battle Boattle Battle Boattle 2.5 is one of a kind naval shooter that is absolutely insane. It's Crimsonland gone marine. Crazy boats, mad opponents, wild bonuses and kooky missions. The game is so fast-paced and tough, it's going to drive you nuts. Get ready for seven vessel types, eight bonuses, seventy missions in 6 episodes and three game modes. Play alone or against your friends. No wonder it's the most anticipated naval game of 2003! FREE to try!

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Action, Arcade, Fun, Game, Naval Battles, New, Water, Waves
Size: 1.0 MB | License: Demo | Price: US$19.95 | Category: Animals & Nature
Marine Aquarium You've seen aquarium programs before, but you've never seen anything like this! Marine Life so vibrant you won't believe your eyes. Indescribable realism! Theses fish are actual 3D Models, not flat images dragged accross the screen. Use the SereneScreen Marine Aquarium - PC as a screensaver or as a stand-alone program.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Aquarium, Prolific, Sachs, Saltwater Aquarium, Serenescreen, Virtual Aquarium
Size: 35.3 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$49.95 | Category: Mathematics
XCBA Cargo Office XCBA Cargo Office is a user-friendly Draft Survey and Lashing calculation program for Ships' Officers and Marine Surveyors. XCBA Cargo Office is a user-friendly Draft Survey calculation program for Ships' Officers and Marine Surveyors. XCBA Cargo Office is easily operated using either Keyboard or Mouse. XCBA Cargo Office complies with the latest UN ECE standards for...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Cargo Loaded, Discharged, Draft Survey Calculation Program, Lashing Calculation Program Cargo Calculation Program, Marine Software, Maritime Software, Naviga, Navigation, Pc Draftsurvey For Windows, Ship
Size: 2.3 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$9.95 | Category: Animals & Nature
Marine Aquarium PPC We are pleased to bring your favorite Marine Aquarium to your favorite handheld device. Marine Aquarium for your Pocket PC is the perfect gift to yourself and bound to impress your friends. Marine Aquarium PPC is currently available for beta testing and purchase. Marine Aquarium PPC is not optimized for Pocket PC VGA displays and performance on these devices may be slow.

OS: Pocket PC
Software Terms: Aquarium, Handheld, Marine, Pocket Pc, Prolific, Sachs, Saltwater Aquarium, Serenescreen, Virtual Aquarium
Size: 25.0 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$20 | Category: CAD and CAM
BSB Import A photoshop plugin which allows you to read NOAA marine charts. NOAA marine charts are the standard raster charts and have the file extension of *.bsb and *.kap. Once a chart is imported into Photoshop you can: - Print the chart. - Paste charts together to cover a larger area. - Create and print your own custom charts to cover the area you want. - Edit Charts. - Print a small area of a chart.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Bsb, Chart, Import, Kap, Marine, Marine Chart, Noaa, Photoshop, Photoshop Plugin, Plugin
Size: 5.6 MB | License: Demo | Price: US$19.95 | Category: Puzzle Games
Aquacade Get into your submarine and go pearl-fishing in addictive underwater puzzle. You'll meet exotic marine animals and reveal the secrets of seabed while making combos out of colorful pearls. Beautiful oceanic environment, funny power-ups and much more. Get into your submarine and go pearl-fishing in addictive underwater action puzzle. You'll meet exotic marine animals and reveal the secrets of seabed while making combos out of colorful pearls. Discover mysterious items and use your ship powers...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Action, Combo, Coral, Fish, Fishes, Lines, Pearl, Puzzle, Sea, Submarine
Size: 7.2 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Arcade Games
Fishing Gear Become a real experienced fisherman with this addictive game. Not only the fans of fishing, but also those who never ever went to fishing will definitely enjoy this game. There are two game modes - Campaign mode and Action mode. Your objective is to catch as many fishes as you can within specified time limit. However in Campaign mode you also need to catch several fishes of the same type in a sequence to get to the next level. An additional...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Fee Fishing Games, Free Action Game, Free Arcade Game, Free Fishing Game
Size: 2.0 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Arcade Games
Crazy Fishing Take a role of a fisherman in the game "Crazy Fishing". The ocean swarms with various underwater creatures, including small fish and large sharks. Your objective is to catch as much fish as time allows you. You face a certain task at each level that you are to perform in a given period of time. You gain scores and additional time for each caught fish. You can gain or lose scores and time by catching other objects. Join your counterparts from...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Arcade Game, Crazy Fishing
Size: 4.0 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Miscellaneous
Crawler 3D Marine Aquarium Screensaver Download this amazing 3D screensaver and liven up your desktop with brand new 3D Marine Aquarium. Turn your PC into a wonderful 3D sea aquarium! Watch the incredible sea life of dolphins, sharks and orcas and hear the sounds of life below the sea! Download new fishes and aquarium backgrounds from our huge gallery anytime you want at no cost! You can use also a free customizable Crawler Toolbar that has games, ecards, fun ball, download...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: 3d Aquarium, 3d Screensaver, Aquarium, Desktop Savers, Fish Saver, Fish Screensaver, Marine Aquarium, Savers, Screen Savers, Screensaver