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Vocabulary Power Create vocabulary bingo cards, flash cards, matching and multiple choice quizzes, juggle words, fill-in-the-blank quizzes, word searches, magic number squares,and cryptolists activities from your vocabulary words and clues. Combine saved word lists for review. Many optional features: saving activities as .BMP graphics, help letters, fit to one page, spell checker
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States and Capitals States and Capitals flash cards is a great way to learn. Flash cards has proven to be a very effective way to learn. How well do you know your geography? Need to learn the States and Capitals of the United States fast? States and Capitals Flash Cards is the answer! Learn your States and Capitals today. States and Capitals is a great tool for anyone who needs or wants to learn. Its easy to use,...

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Software Terms: Capitals, Flash Cards, Geography, Kids, Learning, States, Study
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Alphabet Flash Cards Learning the alphabet can be confusing to toddlers. Alphabet Flash Cards helps parents teach the alphabet to their children by removing all unnecessary distractions and by focusing on the main task at hand. Alphabet Flash Cards is a simple program which displays the upper case and lower case letters and allows toddlers to say the name of each letter. This method is very useful in assisting children to learn lower case letters also.

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Software Terms: Alphabet, Flash Cards, Learning
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Periodic Table Flash Cards Flashcards are a great way to learn facts fast. Periodic Table Flash Cards focuses on helping you learn the elements quickly. Need to learn the names of the elements fast? PeriodicTable FlashCards can help! Periodic Table Flash Cards is designed to help you learn the elements. Learn the names and symbols of each element from Hydrogen to Ununoctium! Flash Cards has always...

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Software Terms: Education, Flash Cards, Flashcards, Learning, Periodic, Periodictable, Table
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StudyMinder Flash Cards StudyMinder Flash Cards is the perfect study tool for students to memorize or review practically anything. You can create any number of flash card sets and print them on any printer. There are also five different built-in testing modes, so you can study your flash cards right on your computer, any time you want. Flash Cards are a proven learning tool that will boost your confidence - and your grades.

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Software Terms: Flash Cards, Memorize, Review, Study
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Vocabilis French Flash Cards Learn 2000 most common French words with Vocabilis French Flash Cards. And make your own word lists with the included word list editor! Learn 2000 most common French words with Vocabilis French Flash Cards. Make an unlimited number of your own word lists with the included editor. Vocabilis is a vocabulary builder with text-to-speech abilities that automates your language...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: French, French Flash Cards, French Flash-cards, French Vocabulary, French Vocabulary Builder, Learn French
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valodas valodas has many learning methods like Speed Learning, Flash Cards, Memory Games, Spelling, Multi-Choice. More than 200 ready to use dictionaries may be downloaded at the developer's website. Don't forget to download dictionaries to start learning! Enjoy foreign language learning with valodas. valodas is a software with an extreme simple, but well designed user interface that helps you learn language. Learn various foreign languages English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, whatever the...

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Software Terms: Education, English, Esl, Flash Cards, Foreign, French, German, Language, Language Learning, Learn
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Addition Flash Cards Learn addition facts quickly with Addition Flash Cards! Addition Flash Cards provides a new learning environment for children of all ages to quickly master addition facts. Spaced repetition is used to help students quickly memorize necessary facts. Addition Flash Cards also provides printable pdf flash cards. This allows parents to help teach children even when they are not near a computer. Flash Cards are an effective way to learn facts...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Addition, Flash Cards, Kids, Learning, Math, Math Flashcards, Printable Flashcards
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WordsLearner Learning foreign words can be fun! Read real texts, learn real words and watch your vocabulary grow with WordsLearner. The innovative language learning software offers a quick and easy way to memorize words with a system of interactive flash cards. Adding words is easy - with just a click of a button, you'll start learning new words with vocabulary flash cards and controlling your progress by forming a dictionary of words you've learned....

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Software Terms: Learn English, Learn Words, Translate, Vocabulary Flash Cards
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5 Words A Day (Vocabulary) A simple yet powerful tool to build your vocabulary using virtual flash cards

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Cat, Flash Cards, Flashcards, Flashcards123, Flashcards123 Co Cc, Gre, Mba, Synonyms, Viral Patel, Vocab
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Dolce Music Flash Cards Dolce Music Flash Cards 3. Dolce Music Flash Cards 3.6

OS: PPC / Intel, Mac
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Flash Cards for u3 StudyMinder Flash Cards is the perfect study tool for students to memorize or review practically anything. StudyMinder Flash Cards is the perfect study tool for students to memorize or review practically anything. You can create your own custom flash cards with just the information you need to know. It's ideal for any subject: * English vocabulary and...

OS: Windows, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
Size: 7.3 MB | License: Demo | Price: US$34.95 | Category: Health
IV Therapy Flash Cards IV Therapy Flash Cards 13. IV Therapy Flash Cards 13.0.2

OS: Windows
Size: 7.9 MB | License: Demo | Price: US$34.95 | Category: Health
Lange Pathology Flash Cards Lange Pathology Flash Cards 13. Lange Pathology Flash Cards 13.0.3 is designed as a comprehensive and well designed application that can

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Lange Pharmacology Flash Cards Lange Pharmacology Flash Cards 13. Lange Pharmacology Flash Cards 13.0.1

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