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Category: Science
Equipotential Surfaces for High School This program shows electric potential and E lines of two kinds of charges and written to help students visualize electrostatics. Its useful for both college and high school students. Program features : 1) Dealing with two kinds of charges : Point and Linear 2) Drawing 2D equipotential surfaces and 2D & 3D electric field lines and charges in space. 3) Topographical and coloured view of potential, E field value and energy density.
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EM Radiation Program Study the Lienard-Wiechert potentials with this tool. Study the Lienard-Wiechert potentials with this tool. EM Radiation software displays the electric field vectors (in the x-y plane) and magnetic field contours (for the field in the z direction) calculated from the Lienard-Wiechert potentials for a...

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Coulombs Law An entry to the informal TIGSource Love Letter Competition, Coulombs Law is a game about love and attraction (and electromagnetism). An entry to the informal TIGSource Love Letter Competition, Coulombs Law is a game about love and attraction (and electromagnetism). In order to guide the lovesick positive charge to meet with the object of his affections (a negative charge), you...

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Metallic conductor Metallic conductor help you study electromagnetism. Metallic conductor help you study electromagnetism. Study conductivity with this simulation. How can a lot of loose electrons cause a metal to be a good conductor? This is because each electron is an electric charge that is free to move. Moving...

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RI Physics This application is specially designed for students who are taking GCE A-level H2 Physics. In this current version it provides a quick reference to all relevant Physics formulas. Formulas are included for the following topics: 1. Measurement 2. Kinematics 3. Dynamics 4. Forces 5. Work, Energy, Power 6. Motion In A Circle 7. Gravitational Field 8. Oscillations 9. Thermal Physics 10. Waves Motion 11. Superposition 12. Electric...

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Nano Panda TouchArcade - "Nano Panda rises above the clichs and offers something new- it's a challenging, but entertaining play on the physics game - a shoe-in for success" [May 13, 2011] 148Apps - 4.5/5 "Nano Panda hits all the right notes and fits comfortably into that Top Five Games - Atom-smashing has never been so cute and fuzzy" [May 04, 2011] AppAdvice - "Nano Panda Is A Wacky Science-Themed Game That Packs A Lot Of Fun. This nano-sized hero...

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Physics Full Course All of PHYSICS in one app: kinematics, Keplers laws and the principles of dynamics. The study of thermodynamics. Waves, acoustics and the Doppler effect, optics and phenomena of refraction. Electrostatics and electromagnetism, Coulombs, Kirchhoffs and Faraday Neumanns laws, Gauss theorem. Modern physics with the theory of relativity and Comptons effect. All with exercises to do. Changes: minor fixes

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Madame Curie A dynamic App that will capture the imagination and get everyone interested in the great concepts of science. Theres video, George Gamows original story and even a Madame Curie comic book! The idea of this comic book is brilliant. Daunting topics, such as the theory of relativity, nuclear fission, and radioactivity, are presented here in a form that speaks to and entertains a very general audience. The author even uses analogies that help...