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Category: Miscellaneous
Page Counter Page Counter 1.65 counts all the pages in one or more multi-page tiff files in a directory. This updated release includes an option to log the results to a comma delimited text file suitable for importing into a data base or spread sheet. Uses for this application would be quality management and accounting purposes, ideal for imaging service bureaus, and government agencies.
Size: 2.3 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$25 | Category: Miscellaneous
RecipeManager This Is RecipeManager 1.0 a state of the art Data Base. With RecipeManager you have the tools to store any style Recipe direct from the web or your own. Manager Features support web links to Recipes on the web, Printing Recipes,Vegetable Cooking Guide, Meal Planner, plus you have complete control over information , Edit , Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Sort your Recipes in alphabetical order.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Simple Cook Book
Size: 527.0 KB | License: Freeware | Category: Miscellaneous
PHPWebQuiz PHPWebQuiz is a program to solve quizzes online on the Internet or on a Intranet. It runs on a Internet server. PHPWebQuiz has been developed to be used together with QuizPro. It uses the same format for the question files and the data base. This means, you can create your own quizzes with QuizPro and publish them on the Internet by using PHPWebQuiz. The results of the questioning can be imported by QuizPro, and therefore analysed statistically.

OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, System 7, System 7.1, System 7.5, System 7.5.1, System 7.5.3, System 7.5.5
Software Terms: Bible, Grading, Internet, Intranet, Knowledge, Language, Learn, Marks, Multilingual, Php
Size: 1024.0 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$7.5 | Category: Miscellaneous
MP3 Archiver "MP3 Archiver" is a tool for managing and representing MP3 data stocks. With it, you can manage your Mp3 collection comfortably and you will get a look over all its MP3-files for every time. The program stores the MP3-data in a data base. When required the data can get sought–after, stored or played again. The titles let themselves be found again without problems over the integrated search mask.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Archive, Catalog, Cd-rom, Cdrom, Database, Mp3, Mpeg, Music, Offline Database, Player
Size: 2.1 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$25 | Category: PIMs
AnyNotes Collect texts, images, web pages, links, reminders etc. in tree-like database with this powerful notes organizer. It includes fast global search, data encryption, synchronization with Pocket PC, multi-user capability, backing up and printing. AnyNotes is a powerful notes organizer. Store texts, images, web pages, links, reminders, and attached files in a tree-like database of Folders and Notes. The most important AnyNotes features are: - One-click memorizing of a web page with...

OS: Windows, Pocket PC
Software Terms: Backup, Base, Bookmark, Business, Calendar, Crypt, Data, Database, Drag, Drop
Size: 1.0 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$49.95 | Category: Miscellaneous
KWICWeb KWICweb compile web pages from CSV (Standard Data Format) exported from dbs, Spreadsheets or simply typed. KWICWeb supports web based automatic searching, links to email, links to sites, automatic mapping (US only) and features highly advanced, easy searches using fragments and on any field at all. Users may search by, for example, city, area code, zip, name, ... Try http: / / / marlboro.htm for an example, Marlboro College...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Authoring, Compiler, Contact, Data Base, Html, Kwic, Lists, Phone, Productivity, Web
Size: 10.0 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$90 | Category: Card & Casino Games
Casino Verite Blackjack Winner Ziff-Davis Shareware Awards Best Card/Casino Game. Rated best BJ game by BJ Forum Magazine, Dalton's BJ Review, BJ Confidential Magazine & Win Magazine. Over 400 parameters (trillions of combinations), Casino Data Base with 895 rule sets at 532 real casinos. 28 drills, SVGA graphics, ultra-realistic casino play. Maps of LV, AC and 17 states showing casino locations. Registered version contains >300 card counting tables.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Blackjack, Casino, Gambling, Games, Simulator
Size: 4.5 MB | License: Shareware | Category: Miscellaneous
Zensura Zensura® is a program for evaluating scalable human performances. It is good for teachers, sport coaches, professors in the whole world. - Store as many evaluations of a person's group as you like in one file (most modern data base technique). - Modify the printouts according to your desires. Use your text processing program as report generator. - Zensura® solves all problems with rounding, tendency display etc., because you may use a...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Coach, Evaluation, Grade Book, Highschool, Human, Performance, Power, Pupil, Rhinosoft, School
Size: 2.5 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$50 | Category: Database
DataBase VB Net Builder Thousand VB.Net lines written in one click! Browses a Data Base (Oracle, Access) and builds in VB Net files: a Class by table, Data Access Module: global Connection function, and by Table, a get function, and update and insert subs. Data Manager Module: main module to access to the Data Base from your Aspx. Functions to read one or N items of the Table, Sub to update or insert rows in the Table. For Oracle, it can build and use stored procedures

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Access, Asp, Aspx, Development, Dot, Dot Net, Net, Oracle, Vb,
Size: 3.0 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$299 | Category: Optimizers/Diagnostics
AccessFIX Data Recovery AccessFIX is a data recovery software that recovers Access data bases created using Ms Access 95, 97, 2000, XP or 2003. AccessFIX PRO extracts the structure and the tables' contents from damaged data base files, creating new trouble free files. The user interface as well as its features have been designed with the novice user in mind as well as the expert. Select the damaged file, recover it, and save it into a new file.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Access, Access Database, Access Error, Access Recovery, Accessfix, Accessrecovery, Can T Open Access, Damaged Access, Data Base, Data Bases
Size: 12.6 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Misc. Applications
InfoZoom Viewer InfoZoom, a tool for the display and analysis of extensive datasets, displays even extensive data volumes on the screen in a clear fashion - no more annoying scrolling. With a click of the mouse, the user zooms to the data regions relevant to his tasks and finds the required information within seconds. Practical: InfoZoom Viewer, which is free of charge, is perfectly suited for information distribution, e.g. in a business assignment.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Analysis, Analytical Crm, Business Controlling, Business Intelligence, Crm, Customer Relationship Management, Data Base Management, Data Warehouse, Olap, Reporting
Size: 4.3 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$39.95 | Category: Databases
Categorizing Data for Excel If your problem consists in categorizing or stratifying specific data of your Excel spreadsheet information, then Categorizing Data for Excel is the solution. Is an Excel addin that, allows you: - Categorizing records in a database, based on a category table.. - Extracting unique values from a column in a database and building another table with that data. - Stratifying time by: years, months, weeks and inclusive days lapsed. - Making...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Categorizing, Categorizing Data For Excel, Data Base, Excel Add-in, Excel Spreadsheets, Model Advisor, Stratify, Stratifying, Stratifying Data
Size: 1.1 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$29.95 | Category: Database
DBF to PDB DBF to PDB converter allows you to convert your dbf files to PDB format. PDB is standard PalmOS files (Palm Data Base). The program supports dBase III, dBase IV, FoxPro, VFP and dBase Level 7 formats. Program supports command line parameters and could be used in batch mode.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Converter, Database, Dbf, Dbf Converter, Dbf File, Dbf To Pdb, Dbf2pdb, Hpc, Palm, Palm Database
Size: 449.4 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$29.95 | Category: Database
PDB to DBF PDB to DBF converter allows you to convert your PDB files to DBF format. PDB is standard PalmOS files (Palm Data Base). The program supports dBase III, dBase IV, FoxPro, VFP and dBase Level 7 formats. Program supports command line parameters and could be used in batch mode.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Converter, Database, Dbf, Dbf Converter, Dbf File, Dbf To Pdb, Dbf2pdb, Hpc, Palm, Palm Database
Size: 58.3 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Hobbies
CDM Cruse Data Management is designed for the real world cruiser. CDM will allow you to have a single data portal to manage your vessel from. CDM will track you vessel information and important documents. As caption of your ship you have a need to track parts, ship stores and provisioning levels and reorder level, CDM will make this task easy and organized. Are you keeping you Ships Log in a hard copy book, how about your Maintenance logs? CDM...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Access, Base, Data, Manager, Sailboat