Enterprise Server Lite 1.3

Software ID: 70519
Enterprise Server Lite
Enterprise Phone Server is a program that acts like smart telephone assistant software. It can build voice menus, playback wave files, record voice messages, and much more.

Voice Menu
Program allows to build voice menu with unlimited number of menu items. Every menu item can be pgogrammed to record WAV files, playback WAV files, playback text. Different hardware may be setup to use different voice menus.

Voice Menu Editor
Enterprise Phone Server has build-in action editor. Action Editor will help you to build voice menu. No special knowledge needed. Action Edtitor is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.

Enterprise Phone Server capable to record voice from phone line. Almost all sound formats are supported (PCM, ADPCM, MP3, GSM, etc). Recorded files can be played back later.

Caller ID
Enterprise Phone Server can detect caller ID, also known as ANI (Automatic Number Identification). Caller ID will work if:

* Your hardware is Caller ID compatible
* You have subscribed to Caller ID service from your telephone company

Popup Windows
Enterprise Phone Server will popup small convenient window that will show caller ID, caller name, and current actions taken (recording, playing back, etc).

Caller Log
Enterprise Phone Server logs all phone calls. Both incoming and outgoing phone numbers are recorded. You can easily find records using friendly program interface.

Phone Book
Enterprise Phone Server comes with powerful phone book. You can setup up to nine phone numbers per contact. Program will use contact name from phone book when logging phone calls.

Enterprise Phone Server can convert any text to voice, and play it back over phone line. The program uses default voice for text to speech operations.

Enterprise Phone Server may release the modem for specified applications. This is useful if you are using modem for other tasks (for dial-up internet connectivity, for example).

Fast Fourier Transform
Sometimes modems can not correctly detect phone call disconnections. Enterprise Phone Server will do voice data flow analysis in real-time. It will detect short beeps and silence, and will drop the call as soon as they are detected. The program is capable to detect some specific types of Caller ID. For example, former USSR caller ID system is supported.

Dialogic Board Configuration
You can edit disconnect tone options for dialogic board (frequency, pause duration, beep duration, deviation, etc). There are two pre-sets: for North America and for Europe.

System Tray
Enterprise Phone Server put its icon in system tray area (near the computer clock). You can setup program reactions on mouse clicks over its icon.

Run As Service
Enterprise Phone Server runs as a service under Windows 2000 and XP systems. That means, program will be loaded and start working even if nobody has logged into user account. (When authentication window is shown). Even more - you may login and logout user accounts, switch from one account to another one, etc. Program will continue working as usual.

Hardware Status
Enterprise Phone Server shows all devices it monitors in a single window. You can see there what devices are active, what numbers were dialed out, as well as incoming caller ID information.

Program Log
Enterprise Phone Server logs all its actions in a special window. You can review detailed information about program behaviour there. Also, it may help to fix small problems you may face (trying to playback not existing WAV files, for example).

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