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Eudemons Online Client
The Eudemons Online is a fantasy MMORPG. In this mythic world, you can choose to become a Warrior, Mage and Paladin. Command your heroes and eudemons to adventure on the vast land of Atlantis and challenge the power of sword and magic and a lot more.

In Eudemons Online, hundreds of weapons and spirit gems can be yours. Only the believer and the protector can have them. Make weapons of your own and bring their power into full play!

Grouping, mentoring and rewarding and other various systems guarantee the Eudemons Online highly interactive and full of fun!

Here are some key features of "Eudemons Online Client":

In the Eudemons Online, you can raise some eudemons to guard you and destroy your enemies. EO eudemon system provides 8 kinds of eudemons for the player. These eudemons possess their own unique combat skills. Some can self-destruct themselves or possess enemies' spirit to impair and destroy.

In EO, the player may collect 7 types about 100 kinds of magic gems. The gems are different from common items, because they will bring the player some magic effects. They can produce severe magic attack as well as strengthen your eudemon, and even change the fight formation sometimes.

More Potency
You can judge your opponent's strength quickly by checking his/her potency. Potency is calculated on the basis of your attributes, equipment and eudemons, so it reflects your true strength. Potency is not only used to compare the strength, it plays an important part in game. If your potency is higher than your enemy, you are likely to kill him in a second. More

What the equipment brings to its owner is not only powerful attack and defence, but also extreme reputation and honor! Every glorious equipment records its owner's name and his/her painstaking effort. The name of the forger will be written in the history of the game with the weapon. More

Mentor System
EO ensures a new player being familiar with the game easily with the help of a mentor. Both mentors and students can benefit greatly from the mentor system. The students may level up quickly and his/her mentor will gain more EXP. A mentor will also level up after he/she reaches a certain amount and gain more benefits. This system will attract more players into EO and form a better game environment. More

Four Missions System
EO has Main mission, scene mission, random mission and quiz mission. The main mission forms the story of EO and shows it background. The random mission has a various factor to make the player feel more curious, the quiz mission makes the game more complex and brings extra fun. More

"Eudemons Online" changes the old rules of traditional online games and redefines the number of enemies. Nobody will fight alone in "Eudemons Online", for the eudemons will be your strongest support! More

XP Skill
The exciting experience of combat is everyone's pursuit! You can experience the unique of melee games in "Eudemons Online". The XP bar will be added with time, you can activate it when the XP bar is full. XP skill is different from other skills, you can even kill the boss with ease in XP time. More

Legion & Competition
EO has a perfect legion function. A legion is a group of the players. Each member has his/her duty and depends on each other, this will influence each member's benefit. A legion has the following 3 characteristics: Normative systematic, reasonable developing system and fair benefit distribution. The systematic divides the members in a legion into 5 levels according to his/her contribution. Each level has its right and benefit.

Arena and Death Island
The Arena and Death Island are full of evils and dangers. Law does not exist to protect you from being harmed or killed. Your only rescue is your sword and magic.

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