Stellar Phoenix Mailbox - Exchange Server 3.0

Software ID: 50695
Stellar Phoenix Mailbox - Exchange Server
Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Server- is EDB File Recovery Software designed to recover and repair corrupted edb file to a Personal Storage File (.PST) file that can be used with Microsoft Outlook. It recovers all components including emails, contacts, notes, and tasks. Software fixes following error
> All types of "Jet Engine Error". > All types of "Read Verification Error". > Jet error- 4294966781. > Specific error code 528 1276,550,614. > Dirty Shutdown. > Inconsistent file state. > Write errors. > Deleted mail boxes. > Corrupted header information. > Duplicate Keys (Identifiers). > Exchange Server Error 550. > Exchange Server Error Code 528. > Error -528 initializing the Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store database. > Unable to initialize the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service.
> "JET_errRecordNotFound, the key was not found", > "Jet_errRecordDeleted".
> Information Store Suddenly Stops and Generates the Server Specific Error "4294966781" Server Specific Error 4294966781 equates to JET_errInvalidLogSequence. The log files are out of sequence .> 614. All future database updates will be rejected. Information Store (3420) Unable to rollback operation #65678740 on database C:EXCHSRVRmdbdatapriv1.edb.> JET_errKeyDuplicate Illegal duplicate key > JET_errReadVerifyFailure Read verification error 4294966
Features: > Quick recovery of mailboxes. > Recovers email addresses from Active Directory storage. > Recovers folders, messages and file attachments. > Compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / 2003. > Recovers notes, contacts, tasks and appointments. > Recovers creation dates for all objects. > Formatting recovered for RTF and HTML messages. > Easy to use, no special user skills required. > Supports Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5, 2000 and 2003

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