LabelEase 1.4

Software ID: 45748
LabelEase is address printing software that will print labels, address envelopes, address flyers and address post cards. LabelEase is unlike any other label printing software. It will retrieve and print addresses in seconds!!!


# LabelEase is an application that makes addressing envelopes, labels, post cards and flyers practical, easy and fast. It is a software program that is perfect for the home user and small business person. LabelEase imports addresses
# Dragging and dropping addresses that have been quickly retrieved with a few keystrokes to any label on a labelsheet, to an envelope, post card or flyer is convenient and intuitive. No other addressing product offers this feature.
# The ability to easily assign multiple categories to an address enables multiple simultaneous address lists. To retrieve an address list simply search by category.
# If a new address requires extra fields that you didn't think of when first defining a label, no problem. Add an extra address field, like an additional name field or street field, at any time.
# If an address is too big, LabelEase automatically reduces the font size until the address fits the label. An address will not over-run a label.
# All address formats are supported. For example: US, European, Canada and Mexico. Because you can define your own address format, all formats in the world are supported.

Convenient single form operation. Retrieve an address or list of addresses, choose an envelope or labelsheet, 'drag and drop' the addresses, and edit an address; all on a single form.

Combining these features and more in a smooth, intuitive user interface makes LabelEase the best addressing product on the market today.

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