ginlo @work 1.5.

Software ID: 422577

ginlo @work
'ginlo @work is the secure business messenger for companies that provides 100% confidential internal communication. Compliant with GDPR.'

ginlo @work is a secure business messenger that provides 100% confidential internal communication for companies.

It has two components:

The business messenger 'ginlo @work'
The administration tool 'ginlo Team Manager'

By using this solution, you can speed up your processes and reduce e-mail traffic. Groups can be used to structure communication and cooperate efficiently. It comes equipped with all of the messaging features that youre already familiar with:

Communicate in one-to-one and group chats.
Send text and voice messages.
Share pictures and videos.
Transfer all types of files.
Add emojis for a personal touch.
Startup quickly with an intuitive user interface based on established standards.
Recover any data from a backup thats always up-to-date.
Use multiple devices thanks to full synchronization.

The ginlo Team Manager acts as the IT department's command center. For security reasons, its not a web portal, but a lean and intuitive desktop application.

Onboard users quickly and easily to ginlo @work.
New: Enhanced role concept now allows for inviting external users as guests.
Rely on a centralized compliance archive and secure backup of all correspondence.
Export and decrypt exactly the data you need. No one but you has access, not even us as the provider.

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