SoundMeter+ 1.4

Software ID: 398558
Multi-Function Meter for Sound Level & Noise Exposure Measurement, Hearing Protection, Hearing Loss Prevention, and Workplace/Appliance/Toy/Kitchen Noise Safety.

TOP 10 iPhone/iPad Paid Medical App as of Dec. 28th, 2012!

Patent-pending SoundMeter+ offers a very accurate sound level meter, noise exposure meter, spectrum analyzer, and a professional grade hearing-safety monitor on iPhone/iPod touch/iPad [1].

For a happy & safe life, get a smart tool to screen surrounding environments, workplaces, gyms, sound-emitting toys, power appliances, kitchen tools, and more for hearing safety. Consistently & reliably monitor sound level at parties, bars, or anywhere else... This handy app helps to protect you, your family and friends against risk of irreversible hearing loss!


- Precise Sound Pressure Level monitoring

- Real-time frequency spectrum

- Visible alert when environment is hearing-damaging

- Snapshot & Email of measurement

- Exposure-time alert in noisy environment according to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guideline

- Environment-aware Hearing Protection messages

- Safety screening of sound-emitting toys for kids

- Safety screening of noise hazard from appliances, power & hand tools, and kitchen tools

- Safety screening of noise hazard anywhere: home, disco, party, concert, restaurant, etc.

- Noise Exposure Level for workplace safety

- Hands-on guides of Hearing Protection, Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Prevention

- Self-evaluation of hearing loss

- Evaluate hearing protection devices before buying

- Calibrate home theaters and speakers

- Easily support external microphone by custom calibration mode

Technical Specifications:

Sound Level Meter : IEC 61672 Compliant

- A/B/C/D/No Weighting
- Fast/Slow Mode
- Max/Min Hold & Duration
- 30-130dB Dynamic Range in 0.1dB Resolution
- Low/Auto/High Range with Accuracy +/-1.2dB
- Factory Calibration for Apple Built-in Internal microphone
- Support Customer's External Microphone with Easy Calibration Method
- Calibrate Speakers by Spectrum Analyzer and No Weighting

Personal Sound Exposure Meter (Noise Dosimeter) : OSHA Compliant.

- Dose, TWA, Projected Dose, Projected TWA, Elapsed Time
- Exchange Rate: 5 dB
- Criterion Level: 90 dB

Impulsive Noise Meter : IEC 61672 Compliant.

- Level Resolution: 0.1dB
- Time Resolution: ms

Facts and Figures:

- Hearing loss is permanent. Neither surgery nor medicine can restore hearing.
- Hearing loss may be painless. But damage is cumulative.
- More than 900 million people in the world are suffering from hearing loss.
- 15% of young people have hearing loss.
- Very loud MP3 players, playing in a band, live rock music, vacuum cleaner, blow dryer, fireworks, among others, can put one at high risk for hearing loss.
- One in seven people worldwide have ringing in ears (i.e. tinnitus). Tinnitus suffers usually have hearing loss.
- Researchers warned that many toys are emitting sounds loud enough to damage kids' hearing.


- This app runs on iOS 5.0 and newer, for precise measurements.
- By default, SoundMeter+ relies on high-quality internal microphone inside Apple device.

Disclaimer: SoundMeter+ is assisting you to be aware of hearing protection and danger of loud noise. This app and all its information are not intended to be used in diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. If you suspect any medical condition, please consult a doctor. This app and all its information are not intended to be used as legal evidence for workplace/merchandise safety, or for any other fields. If you suspect any safety issue, please seek professional advice of regulatory authorities.

[1] Patent Pending (U.S. Patent 13/719,251).

Changes: Background & Foreground operation.
Email orientation is landscape always.

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