AnyCourse Stopwatch Lite 3.1

Software ID: 366360
AnyCourse Stopwatch Lite
Free Web Membership to SEETHESPEED.COM to view, analyze, and print results.

AnyCourse Stopwatch Lite is the most straightforward stopwatch app on the store - You can use the volume buttons on the side of your iPhone or iTouch to Start, Stop and record Lap Splits instead of having to look away from the action to touch a button on the screen. In addition, AnyCourse Stopwatch Lite has a distinctive new function that revolutionizes the way coaches, athletes, and spectators can analyze race data. By lightly shaking your iPhone or touching the "CYCLE" button on the mainscreen, now you can track every stroke, step, cycle, or repetition of a race/practice to gather essential data, which includes CYCLE RATE (cycles/minute), DISTANCE PER CYCLE, total & average number of cycles, and more.

Save unlimited trials and review the results in the AnyCourse Lite archive . Also, you can send the results via wireless connection to our data website where you can view the data in a graphical format. Visit SEETHESPEED.COM to register your FREE username and password and get instructions on how to set up your device.

AnyCourse Stopwatch Lite is a universal-sport tool that can be utilized by athletes, coaches, and parents of the following sports : swimming, track and field, speed skating, rowing, weight lifting, cycling, running, and more.

AnyCourse Lite Features:
Use of the volume buttons for START/STOP/LAP
Unique data caputure function to gather Cycle rate, distance per cycle, total cycles, individual lap info
Input custom distance for different course lengths
Store up to 15 files to view and compare race data
Changes: New and improved look
Ability to send trials to to view and analyze - Free Membership Save up to 15 trials Larger text for easier reading Split field under the running time List of all splits at top of Archive page Universal to ALL TI

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