Focus & Concentration Self Hypnosis - Subliminal, Guided Meditation, Erick Brown 1.300

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Focus & Concentration Self Hypnosis - Subliminal, Guided Meditation, Erick Brown
Strengthen your focus and concentration, remember details, and organize your thoughts with this new app from Erick Brown, Super Concentration & Extreme Focus Hypnosis, Subliminal and Guided Meditation. It can be hard to pay attention and concentrate when you lead a busy lifestyle. Whether its at school, work, or at home, the ability to focus is important. Multitasking is a necessary skill, but that can be hard to do when you stress and worry about other things. Dont let problems with focus affect your personal and professional life. Increase your concentration skills, be a good listener, and remember information easier with the power of hypnosis.

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy helps people improve their concentration by going to the root of the problem the subconscious mind. By reprogramming your unconscious mind (sometimes referred to as neuro-linguistic programming or NLP), you can develop control over your own mind, master impulse control, improve focus and concentration and increase your motivation to reach your goals. Subliminal suggestions for deep relaxation and positive change will be received by your subconscious, naturally increasing your focus and concentration and reducing distractions around you.

The new "Super Concentration & Extreme Focus Hypnosis, Subliminal, and Guided Meditation application from Erick Brown is completely customizable, featuring various tools to help you on the road to success.

This app features:

* Soothing, therapeutic hypnotherapy tracks from world-renowned master hypnotist Erick Brown
* High quality, state of the art recordings
* Hypnosis instructions that can be opted out of once you have learned how hypnosis works
* Your choice of a short or long hypnosis induction
* Your choice of one of four different soothing background animations and sounds to enhance your hypnosis experience
* Customize each hypnosis session with the option to listen to the hypnosis track multiple times
* Customizable wake or sleep endings:
- The option to wake you up when the program has finished
- A built-in alarm clock to wake up at a particular time
- Program the app to allow you to remain asleep after completing hypnosis

Erick Brown and his team have worked hard to ensure that whatever you need to make your self-hypnosis session as effective as possible has been included. Use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help you lose weight, gain energy, sleep better and increase your confidence and self-esteem so that you feel better, sexier, happier and more motivated!


"Erick Brown starts off with a very thorough hypnosis induction, taking the time to bring you into a deep, relaxed hypnotic state. A lot of weight loss hypnosis tracks rush this step thereby rendering them completely ineffective as a diet aid. But not this one. His voice is very soothing and pleasant, and he takes you deep, deep into a heightened state of receptiveness on the subconscious level. The visualization or guided imagery leads you to a beautiful, safe and comfortable place, a haven from the outside world, of your own imagining all the while Erick is bringing you deeper into relaxation. He then begins to suggest change, enforcing the idea that you want to change, that your weight is preventing you from living the life you want and deserve. Its done very well, its not negative or judgmental, and its not rushed like some hypnosis recordings. If I were asked to rate this download right now I would give it 5 stars." (Aunt Jean's Cafe,

This one's so relaxing, I fell asleep listening to it during the relaxation exercise. I trust Erick Brown's hypnosis suggestions, I've listened to many of them and they're very good. (Shalla DeGuzman, Editor, Shalla Magazine. Bamberg, Germany)

Changes: Updates to in-app store code.

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