Chinese Character for Kids 6 1.0.0

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Chinese Character for Kids 6
If you have a child of 2-6, and you want to create a relaxable literate enviroment for your child, then you shouldn't miss this "Chinese Character for Kids".

Operation Mode:

"Study in practice" is the behavior character of kids. Look:
The little hands enjoy touching -- tap anywhere of iPad screen, child can heard the sound of reader;
The little hands enjoy strocking -- pictures shows and number marks the order of character strokes, make it easy to master the order of Chinese characters.
Rich in content with words and pictures -- Pinyin, English, phonetics, group of words, sentences, pictures, each page has a rich and varied content to attract children to touch them. So that they can study while touching.
Standard pronunciation -- the standard Mandarin and American pronunciation will nurture and create a good sense of language for your child.

Product Character:

"Chinese Character for Kids" has 6 apps, 400 key vocabulary, 400 words, 400 sentences, more than 1,000 Chinese characters. Each content is closely related with the children's lives, showed in steps form:
1. Starting from the single characters,it includes the contents of Chinese characters are numbers, natural phenomena, the family members.
2. Includes adjectives, quantifiers and verbs, and Chinese characters with structures of left-right, top-down, semi-enclosed.
3. Structure of Chinese characters includes whole surrounded, top-middle-down, left-middle-right, and arranges characters with the same sides to a group.

HongEn Character:

Scientificly rigor: the contents are meticulous planning and produced by HongEn's education experts.
Tested many times: All content are from the physical books, each book experinced more than 2 years market selling and teaching experiments in nearly ten thousand kindergartens, with unique conditions that most of the similar products do not have.
Fine production: HongEn's audio books will not just be read and point, but also have interaction and test function, which is most similar products can not achieve.
Excellent quality and reasonable price: Contents are all from the physical book but the price is much lower than the products of same kind, and one can purchase long-term use.

HongEn Send Word:

The easy-to-carry character of iPad, make this programme can be played anywhere at anytime. Parent can carry this app on the way or bring to any place that not allow bring toys together. Normal books just can't make this!

Modern citizens live under great pressure, have to make their moves faster and faster. People seldom have enough patience on repeating reading to kids. Then you can let iPhone do your work: let our programme read again and again to your child.

So you can pay attention to your own business, as well as your kid can play with herself/himself with fun.

If you are an anxious parent searching useful way of child's studying, go to App Store and download this app today!

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