LNGProjects 1.0

Software ID: 337897
LNGProjects is a reference app that lists key facts and data from approximately 87 global LNG export projects - including projects that are operating, under construction, pre-FID, and speculative.

Key facts include plant location, start-up timing, size, number of trains, and plant ownership. Other data, when available, are project primary markets, pipeline requirements, gas source, stage in regulatory process, website address, FERC docket numbers (for US projects) and other unique attributes.

The app is created by Vivek Chandra, Principal of Kerogen Consultants with over 22 years of global experience in this sector.

The app stores all data on the users device so internet connection is not required to use the app. However, as LNG project data is continuously evolving and new projects are being proposed, the app database can be updated by clicking on the Fetch Update button. This accesses a remote database maintained by Kerogen Consultants and automatically updates the database on your device at no additional cost to the user.

Number of LNG projects, by country, covered by the app include:

Algeria (4), Angola (1), Australia(16), Brazil (1), Brunei (1), Cameroon (1), Colombia (1), Canada - West (5), Canada - East (1), Cyprus (1), Egypt (2), Equatorial-Guinea (1), Indonesia (5), Iran(1), Israel (2), Libya (1), Malaysia (3), Mozambique (1), Nigeria (3), Norway(1), Oman (2), Peru(1), PNG (3), Qatar (7), Russia - East (2), Russia - West (2), Tanzania (1), Timor Leste / JDA (1), Trinidad (1), UAE (1), US - West (3), US - East (8), Yemen (1)

Where available, the Kerogen LNG Project Success Index tier will be shown.

No liability or responsibility is assumed for information shown in the app - users agree to indemnify and not hold Vivek Chandra or Kerogen Consultants liable for any damages - indirect or direct- resulting from data shown in this app.

Vivek Chandra has also developed the powerful gas unit converter app, GasUnits, available on the App Store, which has been downloaded over 3000 times and teaches an online natural gas / LNG course (see www.naturalgasdynamics.com).

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