Professional Percentage Calculator - Advanced Percent Calculator 3.2

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Professional Percentage Calculator - Advanced Percent Calculator
Professional Percentage Calculator is designed to be an effortless, one-touch, easy to use calculator. No filling in text boxes. No wheel rotations. No tiny keypads. Just fast, one-touch buttons just like on a real calculator. You can do an entire calculation in around 3 seconds or less. And it uses natural human language, so it is really easy to use. It also has a built-in standard arithmetic calculator, so you can do all your standard calculations and percentage calculations on this same app.


* ONE-TOUCH BUTTONS: Large one-touch specialized percentage buttons, just like on a real calculator. Percentage functions only require one tap of a button. No text boxes to fill out. No tiny keypads. No wheels. No sliders. Just buttons to press like on a real calculator.

* COMPREHENSIVE PERCENTAGE FUNCTIONS: A comprehensive set of 8 percentage functions, covers all you'll ever likely need. See buttons on the first two screenshots to see these function buttons.

* BUILT-IN STANDARD CALCULATOR: Built-in standard arithmetic (+,-,x, ) calculator to use in conjuction with the Percentage functionalities, so you can do both your normal calculations and percentage calculations on this same app

* NATURAL LANGUAGE: Natural human language is used. For example: "From 1,236.88 To 2367.88 = 86.90% Increase" or "23.67% of 65,677.78 = 15,545.93", to make the calculator really easy and a pleasure to use.

* EASE OF USE: Live instructions appear onscreen to help you. And the buttons on this calculator light up and dim down individually to guide you. You can't go wrong

* CURRENCY MODE: Allows you to have currency symbols automatically added when calculating money amounts, so you can do eg. "25.6% of $2,566.8 = $657.10" , or "2,668.77 Add 23.56% = 3,297.53" . Supported Currencies are: Dollar, Pound, Euro, Yen. You can turn currency mode OFF at any time.

* BONUS: Adding Machine is also built-in, so you can quickly and easily add up a long list of numbers (e.g. bills, expenses, earnings, etc) . The Adding Machine will give you the cumulative GRAND TOTAL of all the entries, and the AVERAGE value of the entries, plus HIGHEST value and LOWEST value of the entries.

* MEMORY: Built-in multiple MEMORY functionality. 3 memories are available. You can store up to 3 numbers. Very useful.

* TAPE: Tape of calculations is available. The last 100 calculations are recorded onto tape, so you can go back and see what you have calculated. You can delete specific records from the tape and you can Add Notes to records

* EMAIL: You can email the Tape, and you can Copy the tape to paste to other apps such as the Notes app

* INTERNATIONAL FORMATS: International formats available, such as 1,000.00 or 1.000,00 so formats for most regions of the world are available

* PORTRAIT AND LANDSCAPE MODES: This app works in both portrait and landscape modes

* CUSTOMIZABLE: Skin and sound of the calculator can be changed. See screenshots for some of the skins available.

* SKIN COLORS: White, Grey, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange
Changes: New Skins
Bug Fixes

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