Grumpy Virtual Pet (Super Deluxe) 24

Software ID: 313062
Grumpy Virtual Pet (Super Deluxe)
Virtual Pet Game where you can Chat with Friends, Create/Join Clubs, Give/Receive Gifts, Collect Rare Birds, Visit other Pets.

Grumpies are mischievous creatures who love raiding each others homes in search of treats.
This has become an international sport and every well trained Grumpy dreams of topping the global leaderboard with their mischievous skills.

Earn coins by playing 7 exciting Mini-Games to spend on exotic items for your home and wardrobe.

Go online with your friends to hang out in your own exclusive clubs. Use the chat feature to organise your next raid, exchange gifts or just party down and show off your Grumpys dance moves.

Open up your Grumpys house to visitors and get your interior design skills judged, or visit other players to see if they are as stylish as you.

With thousands of dress and decor combinations and millions of players to attack, your options for customising, caring and comical carnage are limitless.

* Free to play + Free Updates
* Raid other players and take their Victory Points and gold
* Upgrade your furniture to defend your home
* Join with others to create the best Grumpy club
* Level up and climb the Leaderboards
* Express your personality by customising your pet and its environment
* Chat globally or with your club members
* Visit and interact with other players
* Give and receive gift eggs to collect rare and exotic birds
* Hours and hours of gameplay

* 7 Addictive mini games (Grumpoids, Cake Catch, Air Toast )
* Gourmet food (fruit & veg, fast food, donuts )
* Awesome outfits (bodies, ears, tails, collars & coats)
* Fragrant foaming soaps (rainbow, super-luck, spooky )
* Rare birds (5 levels of rarity)
* Cool toys (cars, robots, animals, pianos ...)
* Extra hit points (muscle up for more successful raids)
Changes: - Club improvements
- Inbox System Improvement
- Raid Path Polish

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