BigShout - The FREE Status Update App 1.0

Software ID: 281409
BigShout - The FREE Status Update App
Update your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace status all from a single, FREE app!
A simple, easy-to-use interface and useful functionality make this app a must-download for users with social network accounts.


? Customizable! Choose only the networks you want to update

? Quick updates! Your login & password are stored safely so you only need to log in once. BUT, you can also...

? Change your login info at any time

? User-Friendly! Simple design keeps things quick & easy

? Graphics++! Simply one of the best looking social apps out there


1. Tap the Shout It Now! button to get started.

2. Tap the social network buttons to select/login to the networks you would like to update with your new status.

You will need to enter your username and password for each network the first time you use BigShout. But after you login the first time, you won't have to log in again! (unless you want to change your account info)

3. To change accounts for any of the social networks, simply HOLD DOWN the network button to recall the login screen.

4. Tap 'Update!' to move on to the next screen where you will enter your new status message.

5. Type in your status message in big textbox by using the keyboard. Press 'Shout It!'.

You're done! You will receive a confirmation popup telling you which networks you updated.

Get this app now and make your social networking easier!

Brought to you by Swipelab.
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