My Little Pony Dentist - Fun Kids Games 1.0

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My Little Pony Dentist - Fun Kids Games
All little Kids love to play racing, maker, dressup, makeover and other fun games. They love to eat ice-cream, chocolates, cupcakes, they like color and puzzle boards. And they also long to have one cute little pet, Pony. Every kid sees a pony in dreams and wishes to have one!
However, every little Kid is hesitant to go to Dentist Office, as result of a natural fear from Dentist Tools. And most of them never even have a chance to see a Pony in lifetime.
My Little Pony Dentist is a Free Fun Game for Kids and girls, allowing them to play as a Little Pony Dentist. This not only helps reduce their natural fear for Dentists tools, but also help them enjoy the pleasure of spending tie with their own little pony.

Ben (little male pony)
Angel (Little Female Pony)
Princess (Female pony, locked, can be bought from app store)
Mia (Unicorn, locked, can be bought from app store)

Tools for My Little Pony Dentist:

Water Squirter: Used to pour water in the mouth
Suction Tool: Sucks the dirty water out of the mouth
Cavity Filler: Fills the cavities and holes in the teeth
Plaque Remover: Wipe clean the Plaque from teeth
Forceps: Plucks damaged teeth
Tarter Remover: Removes Tarter from dirty teeth
Brush: Cleans yellow teeth

Decoration Tools:
In addition to Little Dentists tools, My Little Pony Dentist allows kids and girls to decorate teeth with various colors and tattoos.
Color Tool: Colors teeth with various colors
Tattoo Tool: Places tattoos and alphabets on the teeth

About Laughing Rocket:
Laughing Rocket is the Mini Kids Fun Games division of InvoCube, specializing in little fun kids games like maker games, dress up games, makeover games, car games, racing games, fun games, monster games, zombie games and other small color games.

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