Montevideo - Offline Map 4.2

Software ID: 232828

Montevideo - Offline Map
OFFLINE MAPS FOR the city of MONTEVIDEO with ONBOARD ROUTING, places such as hotels, restaurants and more...

Some functions available include:

- (full version) Download ANY CITY or PLACE in the world and use it offline. Offline = faster application, more battery life and no roaming charges.

- Turn by turn indications with on-board routing calculations. Again, no internet connection is needed. No GPS is needed also so you can use this with your ipod touch.

- Browse lots of Points of Interests in categories such as hotels, restaurants, bars, tourist attractions for any place you download. Totally offline!

- Search streets by name, crossing street and street number (where available).

- New True Maps rendering engine with vector maps allows the best performance, lower space requirements and the best looks of all.

- Night/Day navigation mode with a simple tap allowing to watch the map better at any time of the day.

Do you have suggestions or questions? Send us an email with your comments to and we will answer as soon as possible!
Changes: - ios background compatibility
- iPhone 5 screen size ready

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