Son of Snoop on Steroids

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Son of Snoop on Steroids Description

Son of Snoop on Steroids (SOSOS) was designed to be a computer hardware and software inventory program. It gathers over 220 pieces of information about computers and optionally stores this information in a database. It can be run locally or can be used by an administrator to scan a network.

It gathers hardware information such as CPU, memory, hard drives, video cards, and serial numbers; software information such as operating system, installed software, and software components; configuration information such as network configuration, IP address, running processes, desktop settings, and services; and security-related information such as shared resources, modems, account policies, security patches, and virus activity.

SOSOS was designed to make the life of the System Administrator easier?? many tools are available to gather data similar to SOSOS, but few allow you to automatically record the results into a database.

In a corporate environment, SOSOS is typically configured to run in the background during login and therefore most users are never even aware of SOSOS, much less the role that it plays in maintaining the security of the network. The program can also be used by a system administrator at any time to poll remote PCs for their data.

SOSOS can be a valuable tool towards maintaining the security of computer systems. It allows a properly-authorized system administrator to gather, view, store, and analyze the configuration details of hundreds of PCs in the network. SOSOS is also suitable for end users, as it can provide useful configuration information.

SOSOS can use any database that is supported by the.Net Framework 2.0. The choice of database "providers" and "drivers" (particularly with the OLEDB and ODBC driver) allows support for practically every database.

The more common databases used are:
- Microsoft Access Database File
- Microsoft ODBC Data Source
- Microsoft SQL Server
- Microsoft SQL Server Database File
- Oracle Database
- Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition is an excellent choice

SOSOS is actually a suite of programs consisting of the following:
SOSOS ?? the main application (includes all of the features below)
RunSOSOS ?? a command-line version for unattended gathering of data
PollSOSOS ?? a command-line version for network scanning
ViewSOSOS ?? a read-only interface to SOSOS database
ConfigureSOSOS ?? a setup utility for the SOSOS suite

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