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OmniFleet Shop Description

OmniFleet allows you to record and report information about your fleet. The information OmniFleet stores ranges from detailed descriptions of vehicles and other equipment to basic employee information (so you can keep track of who's driving what), fuel purchased, tires, preventative maintenance, and repairs. Lest you think that all OmniFleet can do is store information, let's see what else it does.

Employee assignments, department assignments, and region assignments are three of the ways you can classify your equipment. Departmental and regional reports included.

Preventative maintenance is one area where OmniFleet does the grunt work for you (although it doesn't actually do the oil changes). If you're currently using a spreadsheet, word processor, wall chart, or some other archaic tool to track your fleet's preventative maintenance you're going to really appreciate what OmniFleet is going to do for you. OmniFleet lets you define your own preventative maintenance schedule and then, through its PM Performance Analysis technology, tells you exactly where your fleet PM stands. If you're missing oil changes, it lets you know. If you're doing them too frequently, it lets you know that too. OmniFleet will tell you when scheduled maintenance is due and when it's past due. It really does take the grunt work out of tracking PM!

Of course, it does all the fuel usage, costs, and mileage things you would expect of one of the BEST fleet management products. You can record fuel purchases in detail (each and every transaction), or enter only summary information (say once a month, or so, for each vehicle). Either way, OmniFleet will tell you what you're fuel costs are for the entire fleet, or for individual vehicles and equipment. Moreover, OmniFleet's fuel reporting doesn't burden you with volumes of detailed data (unless you ask it to!). Fuel/mileage reporting may be done in summary form (just the facts...), or in detail listing every transaction. Of course, these reports can be limited to specific times, so you can really drill right down to the data you want to get to.

Reports, reports, and more reports! Thirty-five in number at last count. This, by far, may be one of the most time saving features of OmniFleet. Getting detailed information, or summary for that matter, from a manual record system can be an overwhelming task at best. OmniFleet simplifies this with its extensive set reports, which can all be viewed on-screen.

And there's more still! You can record repairs, tire assignments, track tire wear. Report fleet, equipment, and vendor histories for a number of different categories of data. And there's still more. You'll just have to try it and see.

Here are some key features of "OmniFleet Shop":

? Fuel Performance Analysis
? Ribbon Bar Program Navigation
? Automatic human language PM Service Reminders
? Flexible scheduling of PM Service Reminders
? PM Reminders Monitor ?? system tray application to monitor your scheduled PM Service Reminders.
? Record complete information describing motor vehicles and other types of equipment.
? Equipment may be classified by department, region, and assigned employee.
? Record complete repair details, including parts, labor, PM services, and outside services.
? Built-in parts inventory.
? Smart preventative maintenance analysis determines when PM services are due, and also records PM which has been performed outside of your schedule (early or late, by usage and date).
? Track fuel and repair costs by equipment, department, region and vendor.
? Comprehensive reporting includes over 60 built-in reports, custom Report Wizard for creating simple end-user reports, and the ability to save any report to an Adobe? Acrobat? PDF file
? Email your reports as Acrobat PDF files
? Send your email as HTML, plain text, or both ?? New in V9
? Record employee training, and report on training due for renewal.
? Powerful Rich Text editing of notes for equipment, repairs, vendors, employees, and more.
? Built-in cost graphs
? Powerful Query by Example Wizard for flexible selection of records for reporting.
? Export your data to ASCII, dBase III and IV, HTML, and directly to Excel XLS.

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