PassAid 2.65

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PassAid 2.65 Description

Have you been in a situation where you need to change passwords for your accounts simultaneously in several databases? You have managed to make passwords the same in all those databases, but now it needs to be changed - maybe because it has expired in some databases, or has become known to somebody else, or you just do not like it anymore.

If you have many databases where account passwords need to be changed at once, you may not want to log in to each database and change password, one database at a time. You may be tempted to do it in just a few databases - those you need to work with right now. You realize, however, that if you keep changing passwords in only some of the databases, eventually passwords will become so different that you will forget which password works where, try wrong ones a few times, and lock your accounts. It is best to change all account passwords together.

You may think there must be a password synchronization mechanism - where you change password in one place and the change automatically propagates to all databases. After all, there are similar tools for accounts on Unix/Linux servers, Windows, mainframe, etc. To your surprise and frustration, you find no such thing. You are on your own. You have to log in to each database and change the password, one by one. No password synchronization tool for Oracle databases.

Until now.

PassAid is that tool. It helps you simultaneously change an account passwords in multiple Oracle databases and thus help keep your passwords synchronized. It is most helpful when the passwords periodically expire and need to be changed.

Keeping your Oracle passwords synchronized will save your time and eliminate aggravation. It will eliminate the need to remember multiple passwords and ensure that your Oracle accounts are never locked as a result of your attempts to log on with invalid passwords. Just make an effort to synchronize passwords once and then always use PassAid for subsequent password changes. When just one account password needs to be changed, use PassAid to change password to a new value in all databases simultaneously.

PassAid is installed on and connects to Oracle databases from your Windows machine. It connects to databases remotely using available Oracle Database client software and Oracle Net service names. The target databases can run on any platform.

In a basic usage scenario, you specify a set of databases where you want the account password to be changed, and an account name (user ID) common for all selected databases. Assuming that account passwords are already synchronized across all selected databases, you enter the current (old) password and a new password. PassAid then connects to each database and changes the current password to the new one. In a few short moments, all your account passwords are changed to the same new value.

In some cases, PassAid can even handle situations where user ID and/or the current password in all selected databases are different but follow a certain pattern. PassAid may still be able to log in and change passwords in all databases to new values - if necessary, again different from each other.

If PassAid encounters any problem - with connection or authentication, or when the new password is not accepted, etc. - it will stop and ask you whether you want to continue with the remaining databases or cancel the change. A report will be generated after every run, showing password change results and errors (if any) for every database.

You can create one or more persistent database groups that you will then be able to select for password change. The same database groups can be used by other BS Utilities tools, like MuSQL. You can even designate a default set of databases or database groups as well as a default user ID to be used when PassAid is started. This way, next time you open PassAid to change passwords, all you have to do is to provide the current password and a new one.

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