FastReport Studio 4 4.8

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FastReport Studio 4 4.8 Description

FastReport Studio for business contains a powerful standalone visual report designer, and a scheduler of reports building, saving and distribution. It also includes many demo samples of reports as well as work methods together with MS Access and MS Excel office applications.

FastReport Studio for developers includes a powerful full-value COM program interface for further verification and managing of report building and handling; command line interface for report building and management; file package for end-user free application distribution; development means and examples sources.

- Common features

Powerful, compact, and flexible environment for creating reports; Compatible with various development environments, which supports COM model (Microsoft Visual C , Microsoft CSharp.NET, Microsoft Visual Fox Pro, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, etc.); Includes set of language resources for 27 languages.

- Data sources
Microsoft ADO engine; Data supplied by application; Data generated by built-in script.

- Supported report types and data processing Free-form; Simple list; Multilevel groups; Multilevel master-detail; Multicolumn; Cross-tabs; Charts; Labels; Nested reports (subreports); Special dot-matrix reports to print on dot-matrix printers; Interactive (dialogs, hyperlinks, etc.);

- Preview, print, and export
Friendly WYSIWYG interface; Multipage, continuous, side-by-side previews; Outline support; Search text in preview window; Edit report in preview window; Print on any local and network printers, including dot-matrix printers; Export in PDF, RTF, Microsoft Excel, XML, HTML, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, plain text, and CSV formats.

- Report design
Built-in report designer with customizable interface; In-place editing, zooming, rulers, guides and undo/redo; Three types of grid: centimeters, inches, pixels; Script editor; Visual SQL Query builder

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