Magic Denoiser 1.5

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Magic Denoiser 1.5 Description

Adobe Photoshop-compatible digital noise removal plug-in designed by ImageSkill has a nice, simplified and intuitive user friendly interface with only a few controls and adjustments. It allows a user to clean up grainy and impulse noise nearly automatically and instantly while preserving the image fine details.It is indispensable for reducing high ISO noise produced by image sensors and for denoising a series of images shot taken under nearly the same conditions.
The plug-in offers the possibility to adjust, if necessary, the automatic noise filtering result by choosing the appropriate noise sampling pattern size and its location in an image or loading relevant preset. Besides, the noise reduction result can be enhanced by varying the strength of the noise suppression control and switching on śRemove impulse noiseť option with characteristic speckle size. There is also an extra possibility to produce perceptually better results by adjusting the sharpness of image fine details.

Magic Denoiser is based on the original results of ImageSkill research in area of image enhancement and digital luminance and chrominance noise removal. It just makes noise estimation within only one given sample but effectively removes it throughout the image. The plug-in has keen sensitivity in detecting various image features and fine details preventing them from extra blurring in the process of noise reduction. Using the original software architecture Magic Denoiser performs almost instant noise removing from images.
The plug-in gives the opportunity to create own Presets selecting a noise sample on the images that has an appropriate areas with quasi-uniform color distribution. Such Presets can be used then for noise reduction of images that contain nothing but texture.
The plug-in has a simple Install and Uninstall procedures and is supplied by brief Help description concerning how this plug-in operates.

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