Remote Window 1.0

Software ID: 44595
 (512k)  -   08 m 19 s
 (1Mb)  -   04 m 10 s
 (2Mb)  -   02 m 05 s
 (5Mb)  -   50 s
 (10Mb)  -   25 s
Remote Window 1.0 Description

With Remote Window remote desktop service, you can now see and work on your PC remotely in real-time and have immediate access to your files, emails and programs. You can share files with family and friends directly from your computer, no third party software or service needed.

Simply put, there is no better remote desktop access program anywhere.

You will "see" your desktop and use it as if you were sitting infront of it!
* Full 32 bit remote desktop connection - Access your PCs from anywhere
* Transfer Files between PCs - Avoid carrying bulky files/documents!
* Remote Monitoring - Monitor your home PCs from Office
* Invite Guest to PC (Screen Sharing) - Schedule presentations & demos from PC
* Desktop File Streaming - Share files with friends/colleagues without uploading!
* 128 bit SSL security with Multi-level access protection & AES encrypted sessions
* Improve Productivity - Spend more time with your family
* NEW! RemoteWindow Edge Viewer - access all your PCs right from your desktop or system tray or even your USB flash drive!
* Invite guests to your PC to partake in business presentations or have a support personnel help you with your PC or present demos to potential clients
* Share files directly from your PC without the hassle of uploading. Send your music files, documents and pictures (small or large files) to your friends, family or colleagues without the hassle of uploading or wasting time sending large emails. Your recipients can download any file you specify directly out of your PC. Best of all: They don't need to have any kind of special software installed on their computer!
* Advanced Computer Management
Monitor and control almost every aspect of your remote PC
* Internet Explorer Favorite Links synchronized automatically with the remote computer
* Multiple users can have access to one PC - they get free remote access
* Works 100% safely behind Firewalls and NAT - no

Size: 3.0 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$99 | Category: Monitoring
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