Tetravex II Puzzle Solver 1.0.0

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Tetravex II Puzzle Solver 1.0.0 Description

Tetravex II is a puzzle software specifically designed to solve the popular Eternity II TM puzzle. It can also be used to solve almost any other 16x16 edge matching puzzles. If you can solve Eternity II TM puzzle and be the first person on the planet who submitted the puzzle answer with the highest score, you will get $2 million!! Tetravex II puzzle solver has been created with many features to help you solve any 16x16 edge matching puzzle in a fast, easy and fun way. Here are some of the exciting features of this software: * Save the displayed puzzle in a file and load it later. You will not lose your puzzle solution again! * Includes your own puzzle tiles' images so that you can see your real puzzle on your computer. This will greatly help you solve the puzzle quickly. * Create your tiles' definition file in a fast and easy way. This unique feature helps you define the tile's edges value with less or no error! * Relocate, rotate, and fix your tile on the puzzle board. Save the arrangements and you will not lose them again. * Fast solver algorithm. Don't wait several hours to get your puzzle solutions. * Show you the highest score puzzle solution. This helps you keep track your effort and performance on solving the puzzle. * Count a score point of a current puzzle arrangement and show all the unsolved tiles. See if you can solve the unsolved tiles manually using your powerful brain! * Comprehensive Help file. This will greatly help you to learn on using the software immediately. And many more...

Size: 986.0 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$19.95 | Category: Puzzle Games
Marbles1 Marbles v2.1 (ASP) - Puzzle game from DynoTech Software. Stack colored marbles in matching cups. Enjoy some of your favorite classical background music. Hidden levels, awesome sounds, rock drills, steel marbles, rocks, bombs, and assorted gadgets await you. Marbles is a pleasant alternative to today's fast-paced shoot-'em-up games. Treat yourself! Enjoy a fun game of Marbles. Minimum Requirement: Any version of Windows, 256-color SVGA, Sound Card

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Game, Games, Fun, Multimedia, Puzzle, Puzzles, Tetris, Sound, Digital, Graphics
Size: 703.0 KB | License: Demo | Price: US$14.95 | Category: Puzzle Games
Neko Puzzle Demo Neko Puzzle is a cute puzzle game that will make you feel good! Think fast to guide a little jumping cat around each puzzle before the time runs out. Features adorable graphics, a puzzle solver in case you get stuck, and a random puzzle generator so that you never get the same puzzle twice! Possibly the easiest puzzle game in the world to learn how to play, Neko is still able to challenge the toughest minds. by Lexaloffle Games.

OS: Windows
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Size: 4.9 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$129.95 | Category: Puzzle Games
Registration Creator ActiveX v4.0 Registration Creator is our latest software licensing control. With few lines of code, you can protect your software with cutting-edge technology from hackers, crackers and the occasional friend-to-friend software sharing. Registration Creator gives your software the ability to protect itself from hacker tools and detects trial bypasses, such as setting the date back.

OS: Windows
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Size: 5.1 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Puzzle Games
SokoSolve Sokoban SokoSolve is a Sokoban puzzle solver and related tools. SokoSolve is a Sokoban puzzle solver and related tools. Features include: Puzzle Solver, The Full Game, Level Editor, XML Puzzle & Solution Library, and general Analysis Tools.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Sokosolve Sokoban, Publisher Of Sokosolve Sokoban, Author Of Sokosolve Sokoban 1 3 50 Beta, Include, Level, Puzzle, Library, General, Analysis, Windows
Size: 1.8 MB | License: Demo | Price: US$49.99 | Category: Puzzle Games
TEA Crossword Helper TEA is a crossword puzzle solver with over a million words and phrases; these are classified by familiarity, so you always see the most likely answers first. It is faster and more convenient than word lists in book form such as crossword completers, crossword dictionaries and crossword keys. TEA finds crossword answers; solves anagram clues; helps with other word games such as Scrabble and Countdown. Letter variables help solve cryptograms and...

OS: Windows
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Size: 37.8 KB | License: Freeware | Category: Puzzle Games
XWordMaker XWordMaker is a crossword puzzle construction software. XWordMaker is a crossword puzzle construction software.Requirements: * Java

Size: 24.0 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$0.99 | Category: Puzzle Games
Mexican Puzzle Mexican Puzzle, by JRJA Software Solutions, developed by an experienced iphone/ipad developer of 100+ apps, is an excellent app for the whole family. All pictures are of beautiful beaches from Mexico.The pictures are from the beautiful beaches of Mexico. You could be a PRO at making puzzles or you could be learning to solve puzzles, there are different skill levels that you can reach depending on the time you take to solve the puzzle. There...

Size: 7.1 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Puzzle Games
Puzzle Solver for Turnacle This is a Puzzle Solver for the Turnacle App.I made it for funzies.It solves small and medium puzzles in seconds.Solving speed depends on the processor of the iOS device.All you need is a snapshot of the puzzle you would like to solve and the ... This is a Puzzle Solver for the Turnacle App. I made it for funzies. It solves small and medium puzzles in seconds. Solving speed depends on the processor of the iOS device. All you need is a snapshot of the puzzle you would like to...

Size: 52.5 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Puzzle Games
Animals Puzzle 4 Preschool Kids & Toddlers HD This Free jigsaw like puzzle game helps your kids develop matching, tactile and fine motor skills while playing and exploring 30 different Animals Puzzles - horse, cow, pig, sheep, duck, chicken, donkey, dog, cat and rabbit, bee, butterfly, mouse, peacock, monkey, owl, fish, dolphin, penguin, frog. Puzzle 4 Kids is a series of games appropriate for children with autism. Puzzle 4 kids is a fun and educational game for preschool children &...

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Christmas Blast- A Fun Match 3 Puzzle Mania Swiping Game Welcome to Christmas Blast! This fast-paced puzzle game has you swiping three matching objects for points. It's a race against the clock to see how many matches you can make to achieve the highest score. The single or multiplayer option allows you to play solo or compete with new or Facebook friends to see who can earn the most points. Enjoy the cheery holiday game music to reduce holiday stress and have fun. Don't let long lines at the post...