ExtraRenamer 1.0

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ExtraRenamer 1.0 Description

ExtraRenamer allows you to easily and quickly rename video (mpg, avi, dat, mp4) , audio (mp3,wav,ai), image (jpg,gif,bmp,tif) and other types of files with flexible and user defined renaming options. Highlights 1. Easy to use and intuitive user interface. 2. Quickly rename files with various options mentioned below a. Change case (Upper, Lower, Title Case, Toggle Case) b. Removal of alphabets, numbers and special characters from file name. c. Add/replace user defined text. d. Add current and file date to the file name, e. Add user defined counter with a user defined start number. 3. Add files from a folder and its sub folders at a glance. 4. Save renamed files list to M3U playlist for easy playback. 5. Save renamed files list to CSV file to maintain rename history. 6. Copy all renamed files from various folders to a single folder with a click of a button. This can be useful when you want to Write CD of all renamed files or add files to a single ZIP file. 7. Preview file name before you actually rename it. 8. Predefined filters which allows you to view specific files when you add them for renaming.

Size: 887.0 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$15 | Category: File Search
RenameMan RenameMan lets you rename lots of files very easily. RenameMan automatically detects patterns in the filenames you have selected for renaming, making it very quick to set the rename operation. At all times RenameMan shows how the selected files will be renamed, before any files are changed on the disk. It also detects problems such as renaming to existing filenames, making it very safe to use.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: File, Rename, Renamer, Files
Size: 2.8 MB | License: Freeware | Category: File Search
THE Rename Rename files and folders, pictures with their width and height and EXIF tags. Rename MP3, VQF, OGG and WMA files. Possbility to export tags from musical and pictures files. Rename files with regular expressions. Works separately on either the prefix or the extension. Undo all your rename operations (even if you leave the program). Search internal name of truetype files to rename files. For example "times.ttf" become Times New Roman-Regular.ttf

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Rename, Files, Windows, Mp3, Exif, Multimedia, Pictures, Folders
Size: 457.0 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$14.95 | Category: File Search
GoldLeo MP3 Tag Editor GoldLeo MP3 Tag Editor is an easy to use MP3 tag editor supporting ID3V1.1 and ID3V2.x, and it is also a cool MP3 batch renamer, choose the format and batch rename the files in the directory easily. With it, you can edit the lyrics and pictures or copy ID3V1.1 between ID3V2.x. Key Features: Edit MP3 Tag, supporting ID3V1.1 and ID3V2.X; Batch rename MP3 files by the selected format; Copy ID3V1.1 to ID3V2.x or vice versa; Edit lyrics and...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Mp3 Tag Editor, Edit Tag, Id3, Id3 V1.1, Mp3 Renamer, Rename Mp3
Size: 2.9 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$29 | Category: File Search
RenameMaestro RenameMaestro is the easy way to rename files and folders. Use all the internal photo music and video information when renaming. Find and replace swiftly. Drag drop and rename thousands of files instantly. And get a preview at every single step. RenameMaestro is the easy way to rename files and folders. Use all of the internal photo music and video information when renaming files. Rename files but keep the existing file numbers meaningful. Find and replace easily. Use the quick single...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Rename Files, File Rename, Rename Pictures, Batch Renaming, File Renamer, Rename Multiple Files, Bulk Renamer, Batch Rename Files, Rename Mp3, Rename Photos
Size: 14.6 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$39.95 | Category: File Search
Rename Files Rename Files - Want to rename files? 5 Best ways to rename files - automatically rename files and batch rename files. How to rename files and how to batch rename files? Rename Files - Download software to Rename files at RenameFiles.net ! Rename Files - want to Rename Files? How to rename files automatically? Rename files on computer and batch rename files on hard drives, automatically rename files in any folder and bulk rename files in the directory you specified. Rename files -...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Rename Files, Batch Rename Files, Bulk Rename Files, Rename File, Rename Multiple Files, How To Rename Files, How To Batch Rename Files, Program To Rename Files, Software To Rename Files, Mass Rename Files
Size: 17.4 MB | License: Shareware | Category: File Search
Quick File Rename Quick File Rename is an extremely powerful complete batch rename solution, supporting file rename and folder rename (2 in 1! Quick File Rename is an extremely powerful complete batch rename solution, supporting file rename and folder rename (2 in 1!), making it the only batch file rename and folder renaming program you will ever need. An incredible feature set includes...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: File Rename, Rename, Quick File Rename, File Renamer, Fast Folder Rename, Data Stash, Renamer, Renames, Folder Rename, Folder Renamer
Size: 337.9 KB | License: Shareware | Category: File Search
Super Replace/Find/Extract/Rename This software can help you to replace/find/extract strings in your files,or rename these files. This software can help you to replace/find/extract strings in your files,or rename these files.You can use regular expression,and very long or mutil-line expression;You can hilight or extract finded strings... 1.It can do many strings in many...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Super Replacefindextractrename, Publisher Of Super Replacefindextractrename, Author Of Super Replacefindextractrename 7 0, Files, Strings, Expression, Extract, Support, Mutil, Finded
Size: 5.3 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$19 | Category: File Search
Batch File Manager Rename, move, copy, delete, and otherwise manage multiple files. Rename multiple files according to the rules and pattern you specify using powerful editor with syntax highlighting. Modify original file name by removing or copying its parts, changing letter case, or adding dynamic content like random characters or file properties. Copy and move files to folders specified using absolute/relative paths. Select files for processing based on their...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Batch, Multiple, Files, Rename, Copy, Move, Delete, Attributes, File Properties, File Search
Size: 195.6 KB | License: Shareware | Category: File Search
Multi-Files Rename Multi-Files Rename can batch rename multiple files. Multi-Files Rename can batch rename multiple files. Do you have a large number of files with the same prefix that you like to rename at the same time? Perhaps the only difference is the extension? Our Multi-Files Rename (MFR) program is the...

Size: 6.8 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$25.95 | Category: File Search
Rename Expert With Rename Expert you can quickly and easily rename files and folders. As a batch file renamer, the program offers a variety of useful features to create meaningful names. For instance, you can automatically rename files using metadata (e.g., Exif and IPTC information to rename photos or ID3 tags to rename MP3 files). With this all-in-one renaming solution, it is possible to simultaneously rename folders along with subfolders and files (incl....

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Renamer, Exif, File Names, Folder Names, Number Files, Rename, Rename Files, Rename Folders, Rename Images, Batch Rename