VM Reports 1.1

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VM Reports 1.1 Description

Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite enables you to manage your Hyper-V based virtual machines from a central desktop application. The application allows you to audit and report Virtual machines and Hosts across your network. You can periodically check for VM sprawl (uncontrolled/unplanned growth of VMs) by discovering all the VMs in your network and identifying active, inactive and infrequently used VMs. You can then perform insightful actions to optimize and govern your VM infrastructure better.

Size: 35.4 MB | License: Commercial | Price: US$349 | Category: Tools and Utilities
eDocEngine VCL eDocEngine is a document creation component suite for Delphi and C++Builder. It can create content in nearly 20 word, spreadsheet, text, web, and image formats. It can also export reports from Delphi reporting tools such as ReportBuilder. eDocEngine VCL is a comprehensive e-document creation component suite for Delphi and C++Builder®. eDocEngine can create documents in clipboard, PDF, RTF, HTML, XHTML, EXCEL, TEXT, CSV, Quattro Pro, LOTUS 1-2-3, DIF, SYLK, TIFF, PNG, SVG...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Electronic Document Creation, Pdf Creation, Reporting, Report Export, Delphi Reports, Delphi Acroform, Pdf Documents, Reporting Vcl, Document Conversion, Pdf Tools
Size: 40.7 MB | License: Demo | Price: US$349 | Category: Tools and Utilities
PEERNET Reports PEERNET Reports is a powerful and flexible ad hoc reporting system that provides the visual tools to create and run any report or label required by your business (support for bar coding included), no matter how complicated or data-driven.

OS: Windows, Linux, Unix
Software Terms: Report, Reports, Report Designer, Report Viewer, Report Software, Report Delivery, Report Writer, Report Tool, Report Solution, Report Development
Size: 3.1 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$249 | Category: Tools and Utilities
Active Directory Reports Active Directory Reports Tools Enables Active Directory Audit Reports Direct Reports Exchange Reports OU Reports Security Reports NTFS Reports Group Reports User Reports from Active Directory. JiJi Active Directory Reports Tools user friendly Reports Tool JiJi Active Directory Report enables IT organizations to extract vital data from Active Directory in seconds. Active Directory Report provides the best solution to meet Active Directory...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Active Directory Report, Active Directory Reporting Tools, Ad Reporting, Ad Reports, Active Directory Queries, Active Directory Export
Size: 130.8 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$599.95 | Category: Tools and Utilities
NovaBACKUP Business Essentials Built for Windows Servers, NovaBACKUP Business Essentials protects critical business files, business application and virtual machines. Supports latest Windows server technology up to SQL 2014 and Exchange 2013, and also supports Hyper-V and VMware. Built for Windows Servers, NovaBACKUP Business Essentials protects critical business files, business application and virtual machines. Supports the latest Windows server technology up to Microsoft SQL 2014 and Exchange 2013, and supports up to...

OS: Windows
Size: 5.1 MB | License: Demo | Category: Tools and Utilities
V-locity V-locity 3 is designed to enormously improve the performance and efficiency of all VMware ESX/ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor virtual platforms automatically, intelligently and transparently. V-locity 3 now has full integration with VMware ESXi as well as existing support for other platforms such as ESX, and Microsoft Hyper-V. Other developments include V-Aware technology which detects external resource usage from other virtual...

OS: Other
Software Terms: Virtualization, Fragmentation, Defragmentation, Defrag, Slow Computer, Slow Pc, Fragment, Defragment, Computer Slows, Diskeeper 2008
Size: 706.6 KB | License: Freeware | Category: Tools and Utilities
Sysinternals Disk2vhd Disk2vhd is a utility that creates VHD (Virtual Hard Disk - Microsoft’s Virtual Machine disk format) versions of physical disks for use in Microsoft Virtual PC or Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs). The difference between Disk2vhd and other physical-to-virtual tools is that you can run Disk2vhd on a system that’s online. Disk2vhd uses Windows’ Volume Snapshot capability, introduced in Windows XP, to create consistent point-in-time...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Sysinternals Disk2vhd, Publisher Of Sysinternals Disk2vhd, Author Of Sysinternals Disk2vhd 1 2, Disk2vhd, Virtual, Windows, Converted, Being, Volumes, Create
Size: 30.5 MB | License: Shareware | Category: Tools and Utilities
Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Final Version Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V, the next-generation hypervisor-based server virtualization technology, allows you to make the best use of your server hardware investments by consolidating multiple server roles as separate virtual machines (VMs) running on a single physical machine. With Hyper-V, you can also efficiently run multiple different operating systems'Windows, Linux, and others'in parallel, on a single server, and fully leverage the...

OS: Windows
Size: 4.9 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$29.9 | Category: Tools and Utilities
Wake-On-LAN Virtual Machine Receives Wake-On-LAN magic packets and starts up virtual machines. Supports Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtual PC, VirtualBox, VMware Server, Workstation, Player, Parallels WS. The built-in service allows to run machines without logon to host machine. If physical host machine has not enough resources or performance to keep every virtual machine running the solution is to start virtual machines only when needed. Wake-On-LAN Virtual Machine implements the Wake-On-LAN computer networking standard...

OS: Windows
Size: 2.0 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Tools and Utilities
Jack of Tools Jack of Tools makes your phone into a virtual tool belt. Want to know exactly where you are? Ever wonder how fast that roller coaster ride really is? How high are you? Or maybe you just want to get that desk level. Jack of Tools includes a compass (Mango only), virtual level, your Earthly coordinates, your altitude, your speed and heading (including average and maximum speed markers), base distance, and a sound meter. Jack of Tools...

OS: Windows
Size: 9.8 MB | License: Commercial | Price: US$299 | Category: Tools and Utilities
Hyper-V Management Suite Hyper-V reports to Discover and Audit Hyper-V Infrastructure. Identify and report on all VMs and Hosts running Hyper-V in your network. Provision your Hyper-V VMs. Efficiently manage the operations of your Hyper-V VMs. Vyapin’s Hyper-V Reporting tool enables you to comprehensively audit and report on your Hyper-V infrastructure. The tool is part of the Hyper-V Management Suite from Vyapin that allows you to manage your Hyper-V based virtual machines from a...

OS: Windows