Beijing on a Budget 2.0.1

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Beijing on a Budget 2.0.1 Description

* Discover Beijing without splashing the cash *

"ENTICING!", says City News, Singapore.. "FUN!", says Time Out.. "OFF THE BEATEN TRACK!", says The Beijinger
"BY FAR THE BEST TRAVEL APP I'VE USED", says professionalnomad (Canada).

Travel-app experts Sutro Media have teamed up with Lonely Planet author and long-time Beijing resident Daniel McCrohan to create this highly acclaimed city app.

Daniel personally researches, writes and regularly updates every single review. Sutro Media then turns his work into an eye-catching, user friendly app that helps people get off the usual tourist trail and into the heart of true Beijing.

Use this App to:
* eat with the locals using unique menu-decoders
* find back-alley bars and live-music venues that aren't in your guidebook
* buy discount vouchers for top city sights
* get to the Great Wall by bus!

Don't speak Chinese?
Don't worry. This App includes:

* Chinese characters for all names and addresses
* photos of those tough-to-find places that only have Chinese signage
* special menu decoders (did we mention them?) that have been specifically compiled for each restaurant that doesn't have an English menu.

What's else?

* Offline maps and content - no connection required!
* Search by price, location or category.. to find exactly want you want.
* Send YOUR OWN comments to the author to be part of the next update.
* More than 1200 original photos to inspire you before and during your trip.

Beijing on a Budget only costs $2.99, but if you're still not sure you can now TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.. by downloading the free version first, then, if you like the look of what you see (you will), upgrade to the full version afterwards.

Praise for Beijing on a Budget - MAGAZINE REVIEWS:

"Enticing and painstakingly detailed.. Guides you straight into the thick of the local action"
(City News, Singapore)

"We like to think that we're the only guide you'll ever need to Beijing, but if you want to add a fun digital edge, try Beijing on a Budget"
(Time Out Beijing)

"Points you off the beaten track"
(The Beijinger)

Praise for Beijing on a Budget - USER REVIEWS:

"By far the best travel app I've used"
professionalnomad - Cananda

"Simply said, this app was amazing"
(Dan Tinsley - UK)

"If you are going to Beijing, you can't afford not to get this app"
(Meg7766 - Australia)

"Wow, awesome restaurant selection"
(Pete 717 - USA)

"Menu decoders worked a treat"
(BeijingGems - UK)

"klasse App!"
(freakadella - Germany)

* About the Author *

Daniel is a highly experienced travel writer and China expert who fell in love with Beijing in 2005 and has called it his home ever since. He lives with his wife and two children in one of Beijing's historic 'hutong' alleyways and loves nothing more than cycling around the city's narrow lanes - on his rusty old Flying Pigeon bicycle - in search of Beijing's lesser-known treasures.

Daniel has worked as an author on more than a dozen Lonely Planet guidebooks, including the city guides to Beijing and Shanghai as well as three editions of Lonely Planet China. He has written online guides to China for World Travel Guide and for the children's website Oddizzi. His travel articles appear regularly on BBC Travel, and

In television, Daniel has hosted a number of episodes of Lonely Planet's travel series Best in China, including many of the Beijing-based episodes. He also worked as a research consultant on the upcoming China series of the travel show Six Degrees.

* About Sutro Media *

This guide is published in partnership with Sutro Media. By enabling local writers to share their expertise on mobile phones, Sutro Media is making it easier and more fun to explore the world!

If you have any problems, comments, or suggestions for improvement, we'd love to hear from you -

Changes: - lots of new iOS 7 bug fixes
- fixed recent bug with twitter field
- fixed landscape transition issue
- resolved display issue on iPhone 5
- more offline photos on original download and faster download of offline content
- fixed

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