AirfixTanks 1.0

Software ID: 388588
 (512k)  -   09 m 43 s
 (1Mb)  -   04 m 52 s
 (2Mb)  -   02 m 26 s
 (5Mb)  -   59 s
 (10Mb)  -   30 s
AirfixTanks 1.0 Description

If you like fast action point of view war games, Airfix Tanks will keep you alert and on the move. The fast moving action takes place in arenas the more battles you win, the more levels you unlock and the fighting continues on.

With 16 levels to combat through, you get to master the art of tactical warfare on a variety of battle grounds - fighting enemy tanks that stand in your way.

Airfix Tanks is a 3D game you can play on your iPhone wherever you are, whenever you like tweaking your war skills to beat the enemy.