WaterPlease! 1.0

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WaterPlease! 1.0 Description

Have you ever forgot to water your plants?
--> Then this app will help you to remember to water your home, balcony or garden plants in time.

You can't remember how much water each plant need?
--> Find in our database of over 50 plants how much water each need?

Have you trashed the description-label after you bought the plant and now don't know how often the plant need water?
--> Find in the library description how often the plant need water and let the app remind you. Choose a time for the reminder.

All features
- more than 50 house, balcony and garden plants available
- set reminder for all plants
- frequency and amount of water are changeable for each plant
- set time when you want to be reminded
- pictures of all plants
- search for specific plants
- information about how often your plants need water
- information about how much water your plants need
- information about how much light your plants need
- information about soil, nutrition and site
- special tips