CareApp 1.0

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CareApp 1.0 Description

Adherence based pharmacy services, weve got an app for that!

The CareApp may be used by CareMeds Pharmacy patients with all levels of technical experience. This easy-to-use app connects to a secure database, downloading individual medication data. Patients can view their list of prescribed medications, including dosage, warnings, quantity, refills, doctor and expiration date. Identification of each drug is made simple using photos, shape descriptions, color information and imprint text.

CareMeds Pharmacy specializes in adherence based services. The CareApp helps ensure adherence through MedMinders (medication reminders), which alert the patient when a medication should be taken and allow the patient to record if each medication was taken as prescribed. Patients may also enter medical test results, photograph printed tests and upload this information to the secure database.

CareMeds pharmacy makes taking medication easy by providing patients with our personalized CarePack system. CarePacks may be electronically dispensed. The CareApp informs the patients which medications are found in CarePacks and which are in bottles or other forms of distribution.

The CareApp is only for CareMeds Pharmacy clients.