Man In Space 1.1

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Man In Space 1.1 Description

Man In Space celebrates 50 years of mankinds adventure in space, from Yuri Gagarin's epic spaceflight on 12 April 1961 to the International Space Station and beyond. This is more than an electronic book its a complete multimedia experience. Tap the screen to play videos, rotate spacecraft views and bring interactive elements into play. You'll never feel closer to being in space.
* WINNER of the 'Mobile of the Day' award June 2011 *
This book app features:

360-degree panoramic views of the Moon
3D views of legendary spacecraft, allowing you to examine them from any angle
Amazing images and themed photo galleries
Historic video footage brings the story to life
Interactive diagrams
A foreword by Sir Patrick Moore - the only person to have met Neil Armstrong, Yuri Gagarin and the Wright brothers
Based on a special issue of Sky at Night Magazine, this app brings you even more incredible content in the form of additional photos, archive videos and interactive diagrams.

Discover the events that created the Space Race, from the pioneering rocket designs of Wernher von Braun and Sergei Korolev to the first spacewalks and the Apollo Moon missions. After the manned Moon landings, both sides' focus shifted to space stations. Man In Space charts their progress, from Salyut and Skylab to Mir and the International Space Station.

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Man In Space has been created by Sky at Night Magazine, the biggest name in astronomy
Changes: New feature The Final Countdown featuring details of the Shuttles last-ever mission, information about the crew and an interactive timeline of all the Shuttle missions

New feature Inside Virgin Galactic featuring in-depth vid

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