Clipboard History 1.0

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Clipboard History 1.0 Description

Clipboard History - Clipboard Monitoring and Clip History Component. Clipboard History (TClipboardHistory component) allows you to monitor text clipboard changes and to get the unlimited clip history. When the content of the text clipboard is changed, the OnChange event is fired and the new text clip is added into the smart clip list that avaialble as History property. If the clip was in the history it is just moved to the top of the list. Clip history can be save and loaded to/from stream or file, so you can have the history saved between Windows sessions. Clipboard History suite includes demo project that demonstrates main features of TClipboardHistory component. Clipboard History can be ordered separately or as a part of Delphi Toys component pack.

Size: 4.9 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$49 | Category: Delphi
Delphi Component Help Builder Delphi Component Help Builder is a powerful tool that creates help files for Delphi components based on its source code to integrate it with Delphi IDE help system. It's a combination of Pascal source code parser and help file editor. Help file created with Delphi Component Builder looks professional, like help files supplied by Borland. Delphi Component Help Builder also can save help topic text back into source files as in-source help comments.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Component, Help, Borland, Delphi, Dchb, Wsoftware, Wsoft, Yuriy, Shcherbakov, Sherbakov
Size: 610.0 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$19.95 | Category: Delphi
Active File Compare Active File Compare is a utility for comparison and synchronization of any text files in visual mode that represents results of compare in two windows on screen side-by-side. This utility is an excellent tool for managing source code since enables you to immediate correction between versions. Active File Compare has own File Manager consisting of two windows side-by-side. It allows you to compare contents of two folders.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Active, File, Text, Utility, Tool, Comparison, Visual, Difference, Source, Code
Size: 321.0 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$105 | Category: Delphi
Client / Server Comm Library for C/C++ The Client / Server Communication Library for C/C++ (CSC4C) is a TCP/IP communication component DLL library. Uses the standard Windows API to communicate with other programs (written using CSC) across any TCP/IP network such as the Internet. Allows multiple servers and clients to run simultaneously. Also works with .NET, C#, MFC and C++ Builder. Does not depend on support libraries. Includes 23 functions and multiple examples.

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Client, Server, Communication, Component, Control, Library, C++, C#, .net, Libraries
Size: 853.0 KB | License: Shareware | Category: Delphi
Window Information Window Information (TWindowInformation component) allows you to find any window in the system and analyze it with VCL-friendly TWindow class which allow to access any window data with simple VCL-friendly properties. Window Information - Window Information Component Window Information (TWindowInformation component) allows you to find any window in the system and analyze it with VCL-friendly TWindow class which allow to access any window data with simple...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Window, Information, Parameter, Attribute, Property, Component, Delphi, C, C++, Builder
Size: 1.4 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$299.95 | Category: Delphi
Serail Port Monitor ActiveX Serial Port Monitor ActiveX Control is the component that allows your application to monitor any serial port in your system. It tracks serial port activity, all applications that work with serial port and all the data that is being sent and received. Serial Port Monitor ActiveX is a powerful, advanced and absolutely unique component that can be easily implemented into developers™ applications to monitor any serial port in a system. The product can be used for debugging applications that work...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Serial Port Monitor Activex, Monitor Serial Port, Com Port Monitoring Component, Develop Rs232 Monitoring Application, Serial Port Monitoring
Size: 7.1 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Delphi
Unipeek MSN Monitor Unipeek MSN Monitor (MSN sniffer) is a free MSN monitoring tool designed for MSN chat monitoring and MSN message archiving. Only install Unipeek MSN Monitor once, you can monitor all MSN chats over the entire network. Designed for both home and SMBs. Unipeek MSN Monitor (MSN sniffer) is a free MSN monitoring tool designed for MSN chat monitoring and MSN message archiving. Based on Colasoft's packet analysis technology, Unipeek MSN Monitor is able to deliver the most accurate MSN monitoring...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Msn Monitor, Msn Sniffer, Msn Chat Monitor, Msn Chat Sniffer, Msn Monitoring, Msn Spy Monitor, Msn Chat Watch, Msn Conversation, Monitor
Size: 59.9 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Delphi
Free WMI Monitor Our free WMI Monitor monitors any Windows application or server, giving you amazing insight into real-time performance. Use built-in, community-sourced, or custom templates to start monitoring immediately! Setting up WMI monitoring for your Windows servers and apps can be time consuming and tedious. Ready to take the guesswork out of determining which WMI counters to use for applications like Microsoft Active Directory and SharePoint? Want to look...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Application Monitoring, Windows Monitoring Windows Server, Server Monitoring, Network Monitoring, Windows Monitoring Interface, Monitoring Dashboard
Size: 5.3 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Delphi
Incollector Information collector, Incollector is an software to collect various kinds of information (like notes, conversation logs, quotes, serial numbers, source code, web addresses, words). All the entries can be tagged, so you can find them very easily. There are also search folders which allows you to search for entries by specified criteria. You can also export (and import, of course) entries to an external file. Incollector offers you a simple...

Software Terms: Domeny, Hosting, Domeny Pl, Domeny Eu, Hosting Php, Rejestracja Domeny, Transfer Domeny, Tanie Domeny, Tani Hosting, Kolokacja
Size: 5.7 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$10 | Category: Delphi
ES Clipboard Monitor Engine A pure Java application which monitors the clipboard for images ES Clipboard Monitor Engine is a pure Java application that monitors the clipboard for images, text, HTML, and files. When a new image or data is copied to the clipboard, it utilizes the same base Java engines available in the ES Image Printer...

OS: Windows
Software Terms: Clipboard Monitor, capture clipboard, print scrren utility, Clipboard, Screenshot, Print Screen
Size: 31.6 MB | License: Freeware | Category: Delphi
Windows Event Log Monitoring Event logs are a significant source of information that is very useful for keeping organization way from various threats. Lepide Event log manager is a professional tool for managing event logs in better way. Event logs within your organization cannot be maintained manually as it is a very tough task for every administrator. But, you can perform useful event log monitoring by using a third party Windows event log monitoring tool like Lepide Event Log...

OS: Windows