PatientsPlus Animals 4.1

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PatientsPlus Animals 4.1 Description

Stevlin Design has created Patients Plus ver. 4.0 application to assist professional veterinarians, zoologists, medical doctors and assistants. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions while entering data into this application. Use at own risk when entering patient or customer data. All data collected is for general use only and must be backed up by a hard copy and database. Please review this version which is an excellent patient application for your IPhone.

Patients and History data

It provides an inputting device that can store current and historical patients data information. The data consists of categories, symptoms and instructions to patients. The patients data is stored for later retrieval. The patients picture can be stored for reference. The patients appointment date and time can be entered into the application.

Temperature and Weight data

The application has a Temperature and Weight section to quickly check the patients current status. Its easy to follow and understand while checking as a reference.

What's New in this Version
Added new features such Contact Info module providing patient full name, address, telephone number.

An X-ray image module
Review images from Photo Album.

New History module
This module provides addition input for patient health data.

Internet Access
The addition of the Internet Access module provides news flashes regarding product information, updates and registration. Also listing of new products and services.

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Changes: We have updated a new section to access the web, create new user and access other members website. Also, animal body part listing is more extensive. These body parts are more precise then earlier version. However, those using the current version will have

Size: 6.6 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$17.95 | Category: Health
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