Fealty 1.2

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Fealty 1.2 Description

This app is a full implementation of Asmadi Games' strategy title, Fealty. It includes offline solo (vs. AI) or group play, a tutorial, and online async multiplayer through GameCenter.

Fealty is a tactical territory control game in which each player controls an identical set of units. These units are placed across the map, turn by turn, and at the end of the game they each claim area. Each piece claims a different type and amount of area, and some have special bonus abilities that happen when they are placed. It is quick to learn and play, but has lots of strategic options for experts.

The tabletop version of Fealty was nominated as the 2011 Abstract Game of the Year by BoardGameGeek's Golden Geek Awards.
Changes: - You can now invite friends to an online game! (Requires iOS6 or later. iOS5 users may be the target of invites)
- Full support for the iPhone 5 and Retina iPad display.