ReactionMate 1.1.0

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ReactionMate 1.1.0 Description

An easy to use and powerful chemical equation balancer for both chemical professionals and students. Given a list of formulas for your reactants and products, ReactionMate will display the balanced equation with all coefficients calculated for you.

ReactionMate's user interface was especially designed for use on iPhone. The formula editor works like a calculator and is laid out like an abbreviated periodic table. An editable list of reactants and products makes it easy to change equations for experimentation or to correct errors. A complete chemical equation can be created and balanced with just one hand.

To make it easy to spot problems with reactions, ReactionMate will let you know when elements are required on either the reactant or product side.

Under the hood, ReactionMate uses an advanced matrix-based algorithm capable of balancing even the most difficult chemical equations.
Changes: Thank you all of those who have bought ReactionMate - your support helps keep the updates coming. Also thanks to those who have written a review - I read every one of them.

This update includes:

- Support for charged reactants and pr