Meter Beater 1.1

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Meter Beater 1.1 Description

How much did it cost you, last time you let a parking meter expire? If you were in Philadelphia, it was probably $36. San Francisco? Be prepared to fork over $60. In London, it can be 50 or 70. Sydney: $50. Dublin: 80. And in Tokyo, your fine is a whopping 10,000 to 18,000 yen. Cities are balancing their budgets on the backs of the driving public.

Wouldnt it make sense to buy an iPhone application that can save you 50 times its purchase price the first time you use it? Of course it would.

Like all KLR Applications, Meter Beater is designed to be as simple as possible to operate:
1) Use the time wheel to set the amount of time remaining on your meter
2) Adjust the number of minutes before expiration that you want to be warned
3) Press the Start Timer button

Meter Beater will keep you constantly informed of the number of minutes remaining before the meter expires.
- When the warning time arrives it will ring a bell, display a map showing your current location and the location and approximate address of your car. The minutes remaining will change to red.
- When the meter expires, it will sounds another alarm - a cash register to remind you that the city is about to profit in a big way from your mistake.
- You may cancel the timer at any time.
- If you get a phone call while Meter Beater is running, it will automatically resume after your phone call is complete.
- Running the Meter Beater application will not affect any music or audiobook you may have running in the background.
- If you run another program or quit Meter Beater while there is still time remaining, you can restart Meter Beater and it will resume with the appropriate number of minutes remaining, having remembered all your settings.

- The iPhone and iPod Touch can only deliver an alarm if the program is active. If you run another program, you must run Meter Beater again to make the program active. If you put your device to sleep, you must wake it up for the alarms to be delivered.
- The Meter Beater application disables the auto-lock feature so that your device does not automatically fall asleep, causing you to miss a meter warning. When the application exits, it restores the auto-lock setting to its previous value.
- The location of your car is assumed to be wherever you were at the time you pressed the Start Timer button.
- The accuracy of the cars location is only as good as the information your device has available. GPS (available on the iPhone 3G and 3Gs) is the most accurate, but generally does not work indoors. Cell tower triangulation works on all iPhones, but only if you have a good signal. It is less accurate than GPS. Wi-Fi triangulation is only available in certain urban areas, but works in all iPhones as well as the iPod Touch. If the accuracy of the location isnt good, you might see a different, nearby address displayed. So pay attention to the accuracy info shown after the address.
- The address thats displayed will likely be a range of buildings. Often a whole block. Its not like Google knows the exact GPS location of every building on the planet (yet).
-Reverse geocoding (creating an address from longitude and latitude) is not available for all countries. To check availability in your country, go to:
Changes: - Improved handling of intermittent internet access
- Updated info page text
- More compelling icon

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