GiftShopper 2.0.1

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GiftShopper 2.0.1 Description

Collect & Organize Your Gift Ideas Track Your Gift and Souvenir Spending Never forget a person or a gift again!

GiftShopper is a stylish app for collecting, organizing and sharing your gift ideas. It also helps you to stay within your planned budget.

Ideal for Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and other special events.

? Featured in the App Store as "New and Noteworthy" in the USA, Canada, Australia, and several other countries! ?

Consistently praised for its simplicity and effectiveness by users, the app automatically tracks your purchases and ensures that you stay within your gift giving budget.

GiftShopper will keep all your gift ideas and spendings clear, organized and instantly comprehensible.

User reviews:
"Easy to use. Did all of my holiday shopping with this app! Highly recommend" - Michael Ferguson, U.S.A.
"Last year I tried a couple of gift tracking apps but they just seemed too complicated. This app, however, is as described Very Easy To Use." - Beekersc, USA
"Saved me a lot of time, so that I can focus on the presents" - T. Drucki, USA

Very easy to use - even during shopping!
Create events for any occasion of the year
Add persons directly from your iPhone's Contacts
Manage your gift lists in an intuitive and easy way
Easily edit or delete occasions, persons or gifts
Assign photos to your gift items or ideas
Simply tap gifts to mark them as "Purchased" / "Not yet purchased"
Share your gift lists via email (html, csv and plain text)
Full iOS 6 compatibility
Polished user interface, optimized for retina display and the iPhone 5
Many other things that will make your day brighter :)

With a clean user interface, the app includes no instructions for use; all operations are intuitive and trouble-free.

Easily Manage Your Gift Giving Needs
It couldn't be easier:
- Set an occasion and your planned budget
- Enter persons - manually or from your iPhone contacts
- Compose the gift list for every individual
- Mark gifts as purchased / not yet purchased using a single tap

Collect Gift Ideas
Take photos of potential gifts or record your gift ideas for reference later.

Track Your Gift and Souvenir Spending
GiftShopper helps you to plan and track your gift giving needs for any special event or holiday.
See how many gifts you've purchased, and how much money you've spent by person and in total. The app will warn you if you exceed the planned budget, while ensuring you're not missing anyone.
With this app in your pocket, you can instantly check whether you are within the planned budget.

Share Your Gift Lists
E-mail your gift lists to yourself, friends or family (html, plain text or csv - the latter can be edited in your preferred spreadsheet application).

Passcode Protection
You can set a passcode lock to prevent prying eyes from seeing gift ideas.

Connect with us:
Twitter: @gammaproject

GiftShopper is your best companion when it comes to gift shopping and collecting gift ideas!
Changes: This update brings back an important feature and provides a bug fix.

- Ability to reorder persons and gifts
- Fix for the missing Back button issue on the Info page

Sorry for the inconvenience and Thanks for you