Sketchmania Plus XL 1.3

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Sketchmania Plus XL 1.3 Description

A "MUST HAVE" app for showing off your new iPad, Sketchmania Plus XL has been developed specifically to take advantage of the iPad's larger screen size, improved performance, and enhanced user interface.


Sketchmania Plus XL is an incredibly intuitive and fun drawing app anyone can use -- but it isn't your usual sketch app! Watch your creations instantly come alive on your iPad! As you draw, your shapes don't just stick to the canvas -- they react to the forces of gravity, friction, and momentum -- automatically! Your imagination is the limit. Great for all ages, you don't need to be an Einstein to enjoy Sketchmania Plus XL!

Dazzle yourself and your friends with Sketchmania Plus XL's Color-cycling Animated Inks and Particle Hose Tool. Express yourself by using photos from your library as your canvas, and save snapshots of your work back to your album or email them directly to your buddies.

Choose from 11 simple drawing tools & shapes, three drawing modes, and a rainbow of colors. Draw a shape, then throw it, stack it, spin it, pin it, or erase with just a few taps. Easily combine tools, modes, and colors in different ways to achieve amazing effects. Tilt your iPad and watch gravity take hold of your creation, or give it a shake to start over.

Much more than a scaled up iPhone app!

- Leverages every pixel of the iPad's large screen to allow vastly more detailed drawing vs iPhone/iPod Touch
- Optimized for iPad: advanced physics and OpenGL graphics takes full advantage of iPad's powerful A4 processor and faster display
- Supports hi-res photo backgrounds
- Larger toolbar gives you easy access to all of the tools at once
- Larger selection of colors to choose from
- New iPad Popover UI menus

Recommended for: people of all ages -- toddlers, kids, students, parents, seniors -- anyone who wants instant creative gratification!

Size: 2.5 MB | License: Shareware | Price: US$24 | Category: Entertainment
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