WPTrans 1.3

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WPTrans 1.3 Description

WPTrans is an iOS (iPhone) application which utilizes the Wikipedia free online encyclopedia as a multi-lingual translation dictionary.

As the articles in Wikipedia link to articles on the same topic in other languages when available, one can query Wikipedia in such a way to serve as a sort of human-curated database of translations of words and topics to dozens of different languages.

Given that the types of things that appear as entries in a dictionary and in an encyclopedia can be quite different, WPTrans is intended to supplement more traditional multi-lingual dictionaries; it cannot and is not intended to replace them. For example, for common verbs like Jump or grammatical utility words like Also, WPTrans will be practically useless. However, for words too esoteric or new to appear in traditional dictionaries, like fracking, and for people, group and corporate names, like Ronald McDonald, Democratic Party of Japan and Ship of Theseus, WPTrans can work well.
Changes: - Search terms can now be bookmarked! Bookmarks aren't currently synched between devices, but if you think this feature would be very useful for you, please let me know and I'll try to hasten its development.

- Fixed a potential crash when no