Pirate Radar 1.0

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Pirate Radar 1.0 Description

Ahoy ye Scalawags
This app can help ye find a
Hot Servin' Wench,
Yer Pirate Capt'n
or even Buried Treasure, maybe!

A little practice with this app will really help you understand how it works and make it more fun.
The idea is to make it ping fast when YOU want it to! Practice a bit and you will see!

5/5 Star Rating from http://www.iappgenius.tk

The best part about the app is the pirate talk (love it).
Says CrazyMikeApps.com


To use Pirate Radar, first look around the room. Find a stranger or a friend you want as your Wench (woman) or Capt'n (man).

After pressing the button and the app has "Found Ye",
Choose the Radar you want to use, Wench, Capt'n or Treasure.

Hold your iPhone or iPod Touch UP in front of your face.
Move towards the target (person) and tilt your iPhone DOWN as you reach them.
When the target on your iPhone reaches the bottom of the screen you should be at your destination, be it Wench or Capt'n.

The pinging from yer iPhone should get their attention!
Now talk them into joining you on your journey! Or to the bar, or to the bowling alley! Anywhere! They are your crew!

And thar be Buried Treasure around 'er somewhere!
Use yer Radar to find it, If you can! Remember you have to get yer X to the bottom of yer screen.
So close, ye can almost touch.
Or can y*
Findin' treasure be hard!

Pirate Radar is a simulator and
does not actually know where ye are.
Pirate Radar requires no internet connection!
The Radar only needs yer wrist to work.
They are fer Entertainment only.
Good luck and Enjoy. AAAARRRGGG!

If you enjoy Pirate Radar be sure to try our Hot Radar App. The great Ice Breaker app

A video demonstration of Hot Radar is available on our website.

You can now talk to us on Twitter! Just follow @Stilgar702

REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone and iPad
Tested with iOS 5

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