AddWater 1.0.1

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AddWater 1.0.1 Description

Hydrate much?

How much? Do you know how much water you need to stay hydrated and healthy? Is it eight, 8-ounce glasses a day? Two liters a day? Does it matter if you're a man or a woman? An athlete? A mother-to-be? Sick with the flu?

AddWater tracks your daily hydration in an easy-to-use app that determines your optimal hydration needs automatically, based on the latest research. It also has an Urine Chart - an exclusive feature to AddWater - that helps you maintain a visual point of reference throughout the day.

AddWater is customizable to fit your lifestyle; it allows you to track your history, and it provides a fun reward for staying on track and meeting your daily goals.

Above all, AddWater is quick. You don't spend your time going to different screens, selecting containers or glasses, then tapping buttons to enter an amount. Just slide and let go. BOOM, you're done. AddWater lets you spend your time drinking water, not logging it.

Usage and Features
Clean, elegant, at-a-glance interface
Automatically determines your daily goals based on multiple criteria: weight, gender
Choose ounces or liters and toggle back and forth quickly between the two without changing the app's overall volume setting
Amounts are entered quickly with simple touch-panning up or down
Double the amounts with two-finger panning
'Shake to undo' if you accidentally select an incorrect amount;
Badges show amount left to drink for the day
Daily tracking shows individual amounts entered by tapping date at top of the screen
Daily history with percentage achieved and goal
When you reach your goal, 'Play in the Water'
Each new day you're greeted with a fun or profound quote to begin your day of hydration

Premium Features
Exclusive Urine Chart to help you recognize your hydration levels
Health section automatically adjusts your daily goal based on Activity Level (time and intensity), Alcohol Consumption, Illness, High Altitude
Fully customizable reminders with your own message and a menu of fun sounds - create the message, pick the time and sound, AddWater reminds you daily
Race reminders will help you stay hydrated before an athletic endeavor - reminding you to hydrate fully two days and one day out to stick to your goal; also providing a reminder two hours before the race start

Achieving optimal hydration will help you feel better, look better and maybe even lose weight. Water is one of the most basic human needs so immerse yourself in AddWater. Start hydrating today!

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Changes: Fixed a bug we neglected to catch in beta testing (we were probably dehydrated) that caused AddWater to crash on startup for some users.