Laser Squad Nemesis 3.02

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Laser Squad Nemesis 3.02 Description

Laser Squad Nemesis is a squad level strategy game. You pick the map, scenario, race and then compose your squad by spending 'Force Points'. You can play the single player campaign missions against a devious computer opponent, or play online against other players from around the world.

Unique turn-based combat - The game uses a unique and innovative, turn-based combat system, with the fine control of turn-based games and the exciting action of real-time strategy games.

Rewind, pause or review your games using the video style controls. Each turn, or each game can be reviewed and analysed.

'Test orders' function to fine tune your orders. View the results of each turn, and plan your next turn at your own pace.

Choose Laser Marines, Greys, Machina or Spawn - 4 different races with unique unit types and special abilities.

Map Creator - Create your own battlefields, upload them to our server and play against your foes.

Destructible terrain - Change the landscape with grenades, rockets and other weapons.

Challenging Missions - Play single player campaigns for each of the four races.

Free updates - the game is being improved continuously, with many additional features planned.

Challenge anyone, anywhere - Challenge your friends, and they can play for free.

World league rankings - Progress through the Rookie, Veteran and Elite divisions. Will you become the ultimate champion?

Tournaments and competitions - Official knockout tournaments with special rules and many competitions organised by players.

Thriving online community - You will find plenty of help and friendly advice on our message boards.

Size: 607.0 KB | License: Shareware | Price: US$24.95 | Category: Strategy Games
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